Research Groups

Research Centers/Laboratories

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
(under renovation) - CYC-416 - Prof. W. Wang

Bioinformatics Algorithms Research Laboratory
HW-307 - Prof. T.W. Lam

Computer Graphics Laboratory
CYC-401 - Prof. W. Wang

Computer Networks Laboratory
CYC-412 - Prof. C. Wu

Computer Vision Laboratory
CYC-411 - Dr. K.K.Y. Wong

FinTech and Blockchain Laboratory
CYC-207 - Prof. S.M. Yiu

Cyber Security & Post-quantum cryptography Laboratory
(under renovation) - CYC-LG103 - Prof. S.M. Yiu, Dr. A.M.H. Au

High-Performance Computing Laboratory
HW-305 - Prof. F.C.M. Lau, Prof. C.L. Wang

HKU – CAS Joint Research Laboratory for Intelligent System Software
Dr. H. Cui

Law & Technology Centre
Prof. B.C.M. Kao

Quantum Information and Computation Initiative (QICi)
Quantum information computation Laboratory

(under renovation) - CYC-LG102 - Prof. G. Chiribella

Systems and Networking Research Laboratory
CYC-414 - Prof. F.C.M. Lau, Prof. C.L. Wang