Innovation & Technology Projects


ITF Projects (from 2011): total funding HKD 131M


AR Friend : Controlling High Fidelity Character Models in an AR Environment (2022-24, HK$3M, Taku Komura)
Speeding Up Examination Of Heart Diseases Through The Use Of 3D Echocardiography And Machine Learning (2021-24, HK$5.4M, Kenneth K.Y. Wong)
A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Platform over Public Blockchain with Traitor Tracing (2021-23, HK$3M, Allen Au)
Secure Computation over Large-Scale Encrypted Data for Statistical Analysis (2021-22, HK$1.6M, Allen Au)
Blockchain-Enhanced Trade Finance - A Secure, Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Solution from Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Tokenised Document (2021-23, HK$4M, Allen Au)
Towards a Fully-Automated Karyotype Analysis for Detecting Chromosomal Abnormality via Intelligent Bioinformatics and Image Analysis (2021-23, HK$7M, T.W. Lam)
A Generic Runtime Diagnosis Toolkit for Expedited Large-Scale DNN Training (2021-23, HK$3M, C. Wu)
A Cloud-backed Smart Walker for the Elderly (2020-22, HK$3.3M, C. Wu)
Research and Development on Algorithms for Evaluating Mental Wellness Using Heart Rate Variability Measured by Wearable Devices (2019-20, HK$1.3M, Kenneth K.Y. Wong)
Trial: Hong Kong Genomes Database with Applications to Precision Medicine (2019-2020, HK$3.76M, T.W. Lam)
HINCare: A Heterogeneous Information Network for Elderly-Care Helper Recommendation (2019-2021, HK$4.06M, R.C.K. Cheng)
Secure Computation Enabled Blockchain (SC-Enabled Blockchain) (2019-20, HK$2.99M, S.M. Yiu)
AI-Enabled Private and Public Data Integration Platform for Rapid Development of RegTech Applications (2018-20, HK$ 4.99M, T.W. Lam)
SHIELD (Smart Hacking and Intrusion Entrapment with Lawful Detection) (2018-19, HK$ 2.32M, K.P. Chow)
Close-Proximity Human-Robot Collaboration for Intelligent Manufacturing (2018-20, HK$ 7M, W.P. Wang)
Artificial Intelligent Orthodontic System (2018-20, HK$ 8.76M, W.P. Wang)
Advanced 3GS-based bioinformatics algorithms and a complete bioinformatics solution for clinical genetics (2018-20, HK$ 7.38M, T.W. Lam)
Research on Key Technologies in Mobile Internet Forensics (2017-19, HK$ 0.90M, K.P. Chow)
SHIELD (2017-18, HK$ 3.52M, K.P. Chow)
ART Wire 3D -- An Augmented Reality System for Interactive 3D Wire Sculpturing (2016-18, HK$ 1.40M, W.P. Wang)
Intelligent 3D Perception for Robots in Complex Environment with Active Interaction (2016-18, HK$ 2.25M, W.P. Wang)
An eLogistics Appliance with Data Exchange and Conversion Technologies for Infrastructure Connectivity (2016-17, HK$ 4.00M, David W.L. Cheung)
A Video Identification System based on a Novel Video Fingerprinting Technique (2016-17, HK$ 1.40M, K.P. Chow)
A genomic database for the Chinese population with applications to precision medicine (2015-17, HK$ 6.80M, T.W. Lam)
SHIELD - Critical Infrastructure Protection in Hong Kong (2015-16, HK$ 6.00M, K.P. Chow)
RFID and Vision Sensor Integration in IOT Technology to enable Automated Baggage Pre-Clearance for Faster Passenger Flow in Airport (2015-17, HK$ 2.48M, Y.Z. Yu)
Research and Development on Techniques for Automatic Segmentation, Tracking and Reconstruction of Mitral Valve from 4D Echocardiogram (2015-16, HK$ 1.40M, Kenneth K.Y. Wong)
New Methodology and Software for Improving Subtitle Presentation in Movies and Videos (2014-16, HK$ 1.40M, W.P. Wang)
A novel motion-compensated video reconstruction approach for video streaming and storage solution (2014-15, HK$ 1.19M, Francis Y.L. Chin)
A Genomic and Pharmaceutical Knowledge-based System for Clinical Diagnosis and Case Repository (2013-16, HK$ 9.09M, T.W. Lam)
Matching Facial Composites to Partially Occluded or Disguised Faces for Law Enforcement and Crime (2012-13, HK$ 1.04M, Kenneth K.Y. Wong)
An Advanced Video Fusion System for Security Investigations (2012-14, HK$ 5.22M, Y.Z. Yu)
A Smartphone Control Device and Signpost System for Visually Impaired Users (2011-15, HK$ 7.69M, David W.L. Cheung)
Integrating Multiple Visual Biometic for Human Recognition (2011-12, HK$ 0.99M, K.P. Chow)
Cyberspace Investigation Technology Using Criminal Profiling (2011-12, 2014, HK$ 1.30M, K.P. Chow)



Industry-Sponsored Projects

ParaNAS: High-performance, Scalable, Reliable and High-precision Multi-GPU Pipeline Parallel DNN Training Systems (Huawei, HK$2.4M, 2021-23, H. Cui)
Computational Cost Adaptive Neural Architecture Search (Huawei Research, HK$0.66M, 2020, P. Luo)
Un-supervised and Self-supervised Video Understanding (HKU-TCL Research Center Grant, HK$1M, 2019, P. Luo)
Differentiable Neural Architecture Search for Visual Perception, Generation, and Navigation, (SenseTime, HK$3M, 2019, P. Luo)
Neural Architecture Search for Human Video Generation (China Computer Federation-Tencent Rhino Fund, RMB¥0.5M, 2019, P. Luo)
A Blockchain-powered, Trustworthy Internet Layer (System) and its Decentralized and Efficient Applications (Huawei HIRP Flagship HK$2.2M, 2018, H. Cui)