Research Projects

Faculty member Project Title
Allen M.H. Au New Frontiers of Lattice-Based Cryptography [RGC]
H.T.H. Chan   Distributed Protocols for Allocation and Selection Problems among Self-Serving Agents: Fairness, Security, Communication Efficiency [RGC]
Oblivious Matching Algorithms on Unknown (Hyper) Graphs [RGC]
Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms on Multi-User Data in Ubiquitous Computing Environments [RGC]
K.P. Chan Continuous Discriminant Latent Topic Model (CD-LTM) for Facial Expression Recognition and Generation [RGC]
R.C.K. Cheng    Adaptive Filters for Continuous Queries over Constantly-Evolving Data Streams [RGC]
Probing Imprecise Sensor Data with Quality Guarantees [URC]
Scalable Continuous Query Processing on Imprecise Location Data [RGC]
Scalable Cleaning of Probabilistic Databases with Quality Guarantees [RGC]
Z. Huang  Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms in Economic Markets [RGC]
Online Correlated Selection: Theory and Applications to Online Algorithms [RGC]
B.C.M. Kao  Resource Searching and Diversified Tag Recommendation in Social Tagging Systems [RGC]
Online Analytical Processing on Sequence Data [RGC]
T.W. Lam  Ultrafast SNP-sensitive and Gap-sensitive Alignment of Short Reads to Human Genome via Better Indexing
An Algorithmic Study of Online Communication for Maintaining Data Statistics [RGC]
F.C.M. Lau Nature-Inspired Particle Mechanics Algorithm [RGC]
HKU Grid Point for Systems Research and Applications in Multiple Discipline [UGC]
Research in Information Retrieval and Wireless Link Scheduling [UGC]
Throughput-Optimal Wireless Link Scheduling under the Physical Interference Model [RGC]
R. Luo Cancer mutation detection using Single Molecule Sequencing [RGC]
B. Oliveira  Foundations for Implicit Type-Directed Computation with Subtyping [RGC]
ALGEBRA: A Programming Language for Developing Software Product Lines based on Object Algebras [RGC]
H.F. Ting   Design and analysis of algorithms for online bin packing: Old challenges and new opportunities [RGC] 
Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Identifying Recently-Frequent Items in a Data Stream [RGC] 
Design and Analysis of Online Algorithms for Graphs Coloring with Applications in Frequency Assignments [RGC]
C.L. Wang Scalable Cloud-on-Chip Runtime Support with Software Coherence for Future 1000-Core Tiled Architectures [RGC]
Adaptation and Virtualization Techniques for Grid (863 Project) [URC]
Adaptive Software Support for Fine-Grained Distributed Object Sharing on Multicore Clusters [RGC]
W. Wang  Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong [RGC, Theme-based Research Scheme]
New Methods for 3D Packing of Irregular Objects [RGC]
Studies on Medial Axis Surfaces for 3D Shape Modeling and Analysis [RGC]
Free-Form Shape Modeling Using Cyclides [RGC]
Computation of Planar Hexagonal Mesh Surfaces [RGC]
Computation of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation [RGC]
K.K.Y. Wong A Fixed Viewpoint Approach for Shape from Refraction [RGC]
C. Wu    Optimizing Distributed GNN Training on Large Graphs [RGC]
The Economics of Federated Multi-Provider Clouds: Pricing, Exchanges and Job Scheduling [RGC]
Dynamic Predictive Algorithms for Seamless Scaling of Social Media Applications in Multi-Provider Clouds [RGC]
Fast Lookup and Dynamic Replication Algorithms for Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer On-Demand Streaming Applications [URC]
S.M. Yiu  Indexing multiple similar DNA sequences [URC]
Algorithms for Inferring k-articulated Phylogenetic Network [RGC]
Y. Yu   Semantics-Aware Digital Photo Editing and Enhancement [RGC]
Classification Driven Levelsets for Interactive Image and Video Segmentation [RGC]
Multiphase Implicit Functions for Geometric Modeling of Heterogeneous Volume Objects [RGC]
J.T.H. Yuen Practical Generic Ring Signature towards the Post-Quantum Era [RGC, Early Career Scheme]