Research Projects (2012-2021)

Faculty member Project Title
Au, Allen M.H. Accountable Privacy-Preserving Authentications: New Construction from Post-Quantum Cryptography [RGC ECS]
抗量子隐私保护密码方案的关键技术研究 [MRPO NSFC]
Towards Blockchain-Enabled Post-Quantum Secure Data Sharing Platform [URC]
A Feasibility Study on TradeFi Platform and Protocols  
Practical Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge Proofs [RGC GRF]
Secure Computation over Large-Scale Encrypted Data for Statistical Analysis [ITF]
New Frontiers of Lattice-Based Cryptography [RGC GRF]
A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Platform over Public Blockchain with Traitor Tracing [ITF]
Blockchain-Enhanced Trade Finance - A Secure, Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Solution from Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Tokenised Document [ITF]
Future Self-Sovereign Identity and Data Proof System Technology Research 
Chan, Hubert T.H. Private Recommendation System in Social Networks [RGC F/HK JRS]
Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms on Multi-User Data in Ubiquitous Computing Environments [RGC ECS]
Models and Algorithms for Optimal Allocation Rules in Choice Problems [URC]
Oblivious Matching Algorithms on Unknown (Hyper) Graphs [RGC GRF]
Primal-Dual Mathematical Programming Methods for Online Matching Problems with Generalized Constraints [RGC GRF]
Dynamic Algorithms for Connectivity and Densest Subgraph Problems [URC]
Group Traveling Salesman Problems and Network Connectivity Problems on Fully Dynamic Metric Spaces with Bounded Growth [RGC GRF]
Large Scale Graph Mining via Distributed Computation of Densest Subgraphs [PROCORE-F/ HK JRS]
Spectral Analysis and Optimization Problems in Directed Hypergraph Diffusion Processes [RGC GRF]
Private and I/O-Efficient Concurrent Data Structures and Parallel Algorithms [RGC GRF]
Efficient and Private Distributed Protocols against Byzantine Nodes in Noisy Communication Networks [RGC GRF]
Distributed Protocols for Allocation and Selection Problems among Self-Serving Agents: Fairness, Security, Communication Efficiency [RGC GRF]
Chan, Kwok Ping Continuous Discriminant Latent Topic Model (CD-LTM) for Facial Expression Recognition and Generation [RGC GRF]
Cheng, Reynold C.K. Query-efficient representations of uncertain graphs [URC]
Effective Noise Removal Algorithms for Ambiguous Databases [URC]
Managing Crowdsourced Databases: A Probabilistic Approach [URC]
Efficient Query Algorithms for Uncertain Graph Databases [RGC GRF]
LAPS: A Scalable Location-Aware Publish/Subscribe System [URC]
Scalable, Effective and Privacy-Aware Location-based Services for Big Traffic Data [URC]
Discovering and Querying Meta-Graphs in Large Heterogeneous Information Networks [RGC GRF]
Managing Uncertainty of Heterogeneous Big Multimedia Data [URC]
Using Meta-Structures for Long-Tail Web Query Recommendation [URC]
UGE: Effective, Adaptive, and Efficient Mining of Large Uncertain Graphs [URC]
GrandMove Extension ("GrandMove X"), Robustness against Frailty: A Healthy Ageing x Productive Ageing Project
Motif Discovery in Heterogeneous Information Networks (Dr Renz Matthias)  [G/HK JRS]
Intervention combining interactive communication technologies and nicotine replacement therapy sampling for proactively recruited smokers in smoking hotspots: a progmatic randomized controlled trail
Modelling of Artificial Neural Networks and Distributed Systems with High Reliability for Intelligent Data Management System (IDMS) 
HINCare: A Heterogeneous Information Network for Elderly-Care Helper Recommendation [ITF]
Baby-friendly Community Initiative Program in Hong Kong
HKJC - Third Age Planning and Productive Ageing for Young-Olds 
Jockey Club Holistic Support Project for Elderly Mental Wellness (“JC JoyAge Phase II”) 
Effective and Efficient Embedding Solutions for Uncertain Many-Graph Databases [URC]
A smartphone-based intervention for diabetes prevention in overweight Chinese adults with pre-diabetes
Evaluating Motif Discovery Queries on Large Graph Databases [URC]
Using Knowledge Graphs for Long-Tail Keyword Query Recommendation in Video Search  
User-driven asset-centric ecosystem for democratizing data science & AI [PROCORE-F/HK JRS]
HINCare: A Heterogeneous Information Network for Elderly-Care Helper Recommendation (HINCare: 推薦長者助理的大規模異構網絡) [KE]
GIVE : A Generic and Intelligent Service for Community Support [KEF]
Intelligent Community Support System for Hans Andersen Club Limited
Intelligent Community Support System for Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service
Intelligent Community Support System for Conservative Baptist Jubilee Centre Limited
Chiribella, Giulio Trustworthy quantum gadgets for secure online communication [RGC RIF, 2022-27, HK$6.7M]
Optimal manipulations of quantum resources for precision measurements and control [URC]
Energy-efficient quantum information processing [RGC GRF]
The Observer Observed : a Bayesian Route to the Reconstruction of Quantum Theory [FQXi Fund]
Quantum Causal Structures [JTF]
The information-theoretic power of quantum causal structures 量子因果结构对信息理论的推动 [NSFC]
Quantum-limited amplification and noise reduction in multimode Gaussian systems [URC]
Compressed Quantum Dynamics: Storing, Programming, and Simulating Physical Processes with Minimum-Sized Quantum System [RGC GRF]
Theory of Quantum Communication With Indefinite Causal Order [Croucher SRF]
Quantum sensor networks: optimized design, performance benchmarks, and cryptographic applications [RGC GRF]
Genuine multi-channel enhancements in quantum communication networks [URC]
The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime [JTF]
Quantum communication networks with coherent control over multiple transmission lines [RGC GRF]
Fast monitoring and stabilization of quantum communication links for high-performance quantum networks [RGC GRF]
Quantum Causal Discovery and the Foundations of Quantum Artificial Intelligence [RGC SRFS]
Chow, Kam Pui The Webserver Security Testing
To Develop a Practical Framework for Cloud Forensics [URC]
A preliminary forensic analysis tool for Shanzhai mobile phones [URC]
Fighting High-Tech Crime in Cyberspace [KE]
Trial: Cyberspace Investigation Technology Using Criminal Profiling [ITF]
A Systematic Approach for Online Auction Fraud Detection [URC]
CRISIS - Critical Infrastructure Incident Simulator [KEF]
SHIELD - Critical Infrastructure Protection in Hong Kong [ITF]
SPEAR – Special Portable Extendible Attack Research Unit [URC]
A Video Identification System based on a Novel Video Fingerprinting Technique [ITF]
Probative value of digital evidence in digital forensic investigation [URC]
IoT Security Evaluation Testbed [URC]
Trial : SHIELD [ITF] 
IoT Security Evaluation Testbed (IoT-SET) [ITF]
Research on Key Technologies in Mobile Internet Forensics [ITF]
Detecting anomalous behavior for PLC-based systems using machine learning [URC]
Trial: SHIELD (Smart Hacking and Intrusion Entrapment with Lawful Detection) [ITF]
Automated Analysis of Dark Web Threat Intelligence [URC]
Chui, Chun Kit A Study on Applying the Self-learning Paradigm in Teaching Advanced Technical Courses [URC]
Kids can code [KEF]
Cui, Heming OWL: Automatically Identifying and Avoiding Concurrency Attacks [URC]
RepBox: Transparent State Machine Replication and its Applications [Croucher]
FALCON: Modeling, Detecting, and Defending against Concurrency Attacks [RGC ECS]
GAIA: Strengthening the Reliability of Datacenter Computing via Fast Distributed Consensus [RGC GRF]
Achieving Strong Fault-tolerance for General Storage Applications via Fast, RDMA-powered PAXOS 
New​ ​Systems​ ​and​ ​Algorithms​ ​for​ ​Preserving​ ​Big-data​ ​Privacy​ ​in​ ​Clouds [RGC GRF]
A Blockchain-powered, Trustworthy Internet Layer (System) and Its Decentralized and Efficient Applications 
Multi-GPU Pipeline Parallel Training Systems for Big Deep Neural Network Models 
Huang, Zhiyi Privacy-Preserving Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems [URC]
Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms in Economic Markets [RGC ECS]
New Frontiers of the Online Primal Dual Technique: Convex Programs and Limitations of the Canonical Approach [RGC GRF]
The Algorithmic and Information Theoretic Foundations of Bayesian Mechanism Design [RGC GRF]
Understanding Price of Anarchy via the Duality Framework [RGC GRF]
Fully Online Matching [RGC GRF]
Online Correlated Selection: Theory and Applications to Online Algorithms [RGC GRF]
Kao, Benjamin C.M. Resource Searching and Diversified Tag Recommendation in Social Tagging Systems [RGC GRF]
TAQA: An Open Knowledge-based Question-Answering System for Answering Questions with Complex Semantics Constraints [RGC GRF]
Artificial Intelligence for Legal Services: Sentencing Wizard on Drug Trafficking (Co-PC) [KEF]
Artificial Intelligence for Signalling Indication & Control Panel
PERQ: Predicting, Explaining, and Rectifying Failed Questions in KB-QA Systems 
AI-HKLII: AI-Powered Legal Research Platform  (Co-I) [ITF]
Empowering CLIC — An AI Dialog System for Community Legal Education and Information
Komura, Taku Animating and Capturing Close Interactions [URC]
Animating close interactions with objects
Kong, Lingpeng Efficient Multi-head Attention Mechanism for Sequence Modelling [URC]
Automatic Generation of Long Descriptive Text
The Efficiency of the Multi-head Attention (MHA) Mechanism in the Computational Complexity and the Modeling Capacity
Lam, Tak-Wah A theoretical study of competitive online algorithms for energy-efficient job scheduling on multiple machines [URC]
Ultrafast SNP-sensitive and Gap-sensitive Alignment of Short Reads to Human Genome via Better Indexing [RGC GRF]
A Genomic and Pharmaceutical Knowledge-based System for Clinical Diagnosis and Case Repository [ITF]
Trial : A Genomic and Pharmaceutical Knowledge-based System for Clinical Diagnosis and Case Repository [ITF]
A genomic database for the Chinese population with applications to precision medicine [ITF]
Advanced 3GS-based bioinformatics algorithms and a complete bioinformatics solution for clinical genetics [ITF]
Bioinformatics Algorithms and Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis [KE]
AI-Enabled Private and Public Data Integration Platform for Rapid Development of RegTech Applications [ITF]
Trial : Hong Kong Genomes Database with Applications to Precision Medicine [ITF]
Fighting Disease Recurrence and Promoting Tissue Repair after Liver Transplantation: Translating Basic Discoveries to Clinical Excellence (Co-PI) [RGC TRS]
Developing Karyotype Analysis Software for Clinical Genetic Service of the Department of Health
Towards a Fully-Automated Karyotype Analysis for Detecting Chromosomal Abnormality via Intelligent Bioinformatics and Image Analysis [ITF]
Luo, Ping Differentiable Neural Architecture Search for Visual Perception, Generation, and Navigation
Efficient Neural Architecture Search for Human Instructional Video Generation and Editing [URC]
Learning a Unified Relational Representation for Multi-domain Human Video Generation
Self-Supervised Knowledge Distillation and Neural Architecture Search for Video Classification and Detection
Highly Accurate and Efficient Scene Understanding via Mixture of Neural Sub-Network Architecture Search [RGC ECS]
Computational Cost Adaptive Neural Architecture Search 
Self-Attention and Life-long Learning for Computer Vision
Luo, Ruibang An Artificial Neural Network based SNP and InDel Caller for Third-Generation Sequencing Data [URC]
An Artificial Neural Network-based discriminator for validating clinically significant genomic variants [RGC ECS]
Building the first Variant-Disease Association database base on millions of full-text biomedical literature: A deep learning approach [URC]
Cancer mutation detection using Single Molecule Sequencing [URC]
Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Model for Patients on Lipid Modifying Drugs (Co-PI) [ITF]
Cancer Mutation Detection using Single Molecule Sequencing [RGC GRF]
研发将单分子测序运用于癌症体细胞变异检测的实验方案与算法 [MRPO - Shenzhen Fund]
Oliveira, Bruno A new Programming Language for Type-Safe Modularity [URC]
ALGEBRA: A Programming Language for Developing Software Product Lines based on Object Algebras [RGC ECS]
FunJ: Improving JVM Compilation of Functional Programs using Imperative Functional Objects [URC]
RapidPL: Semantic Modularity for Rapid Programming Language Implementation [RGC GRF]
Foundations for Polymorphic Delegation-Based Languages using Disjoint Intersection Types [RGC GRF]
Foundations for Dependently Typed Object-Oriented Languages [RGC GRF]
Mechanized Local Type-Inference with Subtyping and Dependent Types [RGC GRF]
Foundations for Implicit Type-Directed Computation with Subtyping [RGC GRF]
Type Inference for Complex Type Systems
Pan, Jia Real-time and Reliable Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots [URC]
Automated Item Picking for Warehousing [URC]
Learning from Demonstrations for Robotic Manipulation of Deformable Objects [RGC GRF]
Fully-Decentralized and Near-Optimal Large-Scale Multi-Robot Collision Avoidance via Deep Learning [RGC GRF]
3D Design Algorithms and Dexterous Robotic Sewing for Customized Garment Fabrication [NSFC/RGC JRS]
Effective Navigation in Dense Crowds: Getting Robot Unlost, Unfrozen, and Unobtrusive using Deep Reinforcement Learning [RGC GRF]
Tactile Perception and Analysis for Digital Archaeology [URC]
Ramanathan, R. Security of Relativistic Quantum Cryptography [URC]
Device-Independent Random Number Generation and Quantum Key Distribution with Weak Random Seeds [RGC ECS]
Schnieders, Dirk Photometric Stereo under Near-Light with Attenuation [URC]
Ting, Hing Fung A competitive approach for analyzing data stream algorithms [URC]
Design and analysis of algorithms for online bin packing: Old challenges and new opportunities [RGC GRF]
The study and development of methods for improving multiple sequence alignment [URC]
Meeting two challenges in the research of multiple sequence alignment: Twilight zone and giant families [URC]
ML-Ada: An adaptive multiple sequence alignment tool enlightened by machine learning [URC]
Imaging the Sky [KEF]
A data centric approach for constructing multiple sequence alignments [RGC GRF] 
Approximated and Competitive Selling with Partial Assignment [URC]
Cloud Appreciation: Imaging the Sky [KEF]
Wang, Cho-Li Agreement on A New Multikernel OS for High Throughput Computing on Manycore Systems
Software-Managed Coherency Protocol with Dynamic Zoning on Tiled Manycore Processor [URC]
Scalable Cloud-on-Chip Runtime Support with Software Coherence for Future 1000-Core Tiled Architectures [RGC GRF] 
Software Architecture for Fault-Tolerant Multicore Computing with Hybridized Non-Volatile Memories [RGC GRF] 
Contract Research : Java on Big Data GPU Heterogeneous Acceleration 
Software Fault-Tolerance Support for NoSQL Database System with NVRAM [URC] 
Big-Little Heterogeneous Computing with Polymorphic GPU Kernels [RGC GRF] 
Multi-stage Big Data Analytics for Complex Systems : Methodologies and Applications (Co-PI) [RGC CRF]
Edge Learning : the Enabling Technology for Distributed Big Data Analytics in Cloud-Edge Environment (Co-PI) [RGC RIF] 
Wang, Wenping Free-Form Shape Modeling Using Cyclides [RGC GRF] 
Shape-preserving mesh and its computation 保形網格及其計算 [NSFC]
Studies on Medial Axis Surfaces for 3D Shape Modeling and Analysis [RGC GRF] 
Collaboration Agreement for 3D point cloud processing
New Methodology and Software for Improving Subtitle Presentation in Movies and Videos [ITF]
Collaboration Agreement for 3D point cloud processing (Phase 2)
New Methods for 3D Packing of Irregular Objects [RGC GRF] 
Sketch-Based Surface Modeling with Control on Lines of Curvature [RGC GRF] 
Modeling of Anisotropic Porous Structures 各向異性多孔結構的建模方法 [NSFC]
3D Reconstruction from Sparse Images with User Sketching [MSRA]
Computation of Optimal Partitions with Capacity Constraints [RGC GRF] 
Intelligent 3D Perception for Robots in Complex Environment with Active Interaction [ITF]
ART Wire 3D -- An Augmented Reality System for Interactive 3D Wire Sculpturing [ITF]
Modeling 3D Free-Form Objects from a Single Image [RGC GRF] 
Artificial Intelligent Orthodontic System [ITF]
Close-Proximity Human-Robot Collaboration for Intelligent Manufacturing [ITF]
Real-Time Reconstruction of 3D Thin Structures with an RGBD Camera [RGC GRF] 
Digging the Past Together : International Public Engagement in Near Eastern Archaeological Research (Co-PC) [KEF]
A Computational Study on Tooth Alignment in Digital Orthodontics [RGC GRF] 
Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong [URC]
On 3D Tooth Tracking and Reconstruction Using Consumer Cameras with Applications in Digital Orthodontics [RGC GRF] 
Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong [RGC TRS] 
Building Platform Technologies for Symbiotic Creativity in Hong Kong (Co-PC) [RGC TRS] 
Wong, Kenneth K.Y. Contract Research : Video Surveillance Object Retrieval 
Matching Facial Composites to Partially Occluded or Disguised Faces for Law Enforcement and Crime Investigations [ITF]
Tracking and visualizing mitral valve in 3D echocardiography [URC]
Reconstruction of mirror surfaces from uncalibrated camera [URC]
A Fixed Viewpoint Approach for Shape from Refraction [RGC GRF]
Research and Development on Techniques for Automatic Segmentation, Tracking and Reconstruction of Mitral Valve from 4D Echocardiogram [ITF]
Investigations of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Optimal Scheduling in Distributed Machine Learning Clusters (Co-I) [URC SEG]
Contract Research : A fall detection software system 
Self-Calibrating Photometric Stereo for Non-Lambertian Surfaces [RGC GRF]
Research and Development on Algorithms for Evaluating Mental Wellness Using Heart Rate Variability Measured by Wearable Devices [ITF]
Drone Programming and AI [KEF]
Experiential Learning on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics [GHELC]
Speeding Up Examination Of Heart Diseases Through The Use Of 3D Echocardiography And Machine Learning [ITF]
A Non-radiation Artificial Intelligence Spine Deformity Diagnosis System (Co-I) [ITF]
Wu, Chuan A Hybrid P2P + Cloud Framework for Large-Scale Internet Applications: Modeling, Algorithm Design, and Implementation [URC]
Dynamic Predictive Algorithms for Seamless Scaling of Social Media Applications in Multi-Provider Clouds [RGC GRF]
The Economics of Federated Multi-Provider Clouds: Pricing, Exchanges and Job Scheduling [RGC GRF]
Pricing Dynamic Cloud Resource Provisioning and Scaling via Auctions [RGC GRF]
Problems, Solutions, and Optimization for Modern Clouds (Co-I) [RGC CRF]
Deadline-aware Bulk Data Transfer among Cloud Data Centers: Online Algorithms and SDN-facilitated Implementation [URC]
Algorithmic Studies of Network Function Virtualization Systems: Dynamic VNF Deployment, Scaling and Pricing [RGC GRF]
Resource Management and Optimization in Cloud Computing Systems  
Contract Research : Auction-based Dynamic Management of Network Slices in Public Clouds  
Investigations of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Optimal Scheduling in Distributed Machine Learning Clusters [URC SEG]
An IoT + Cloud Data Analytics Platform for Elderly Monitoring in Smart Homes [URC PTF]
Dynamic Scheduling and Pricing of Geo-Distributed Big Data Analytics Jobs with Online Optimization and Online Learning [URC]
Maximizing Resource Sharing Efficiency in Machine Learning Clusters 
Efficient Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Large-scale Multi-tenant Distributed Machine Learning Clusters
A Cloud-backed Intelligent Walker for the Elderly [URC]
Multi-stage Big Data Analytics for Complex Systems : Methodologies and Applications (Co-PI) [RGC GRF]
Deep Learning-Driven Schedulers for Distributed Machine Learning Clusters [RGC GRF]
A Cloud-backed Smart Walker for the Elderly [ITF]
Accelerating Distributed DNN Training through Fine-grained Communication and Computation Placement and Scheduling [RGC GRF]
Expedited Training of Deep Neural Networks over Heterogeneous Devices
Data center service quality modeling and network performance improvement
A Generic Runtime Diagnosis Toolkit for Expedited Large-Scale DNN Training [ITF]
Compilation Optimization in Distributed DNN Training: Joining OP and Tensor Fusion/Partition [Amazon - ARA]
Optimizing Distributed GNN Training on Large Graphs [RGC GRF]
Yiu, Siu Ming GPU RNA alignment tool for complex pseudoknots [URC]
Software protection in smart meters [URC]
Research problems on carving and tamper detection of fragmented multimedia evidence for forensic investigation [NSFC/RGC JRS]
Leakage resilient lattice-based cryptographic schemes [URC]
Security and privacy in genomic data [URC]
Secure schemes for data storage and processing in clouds [URC]
Consultancy Service on Improving Blockchain Technology for Real Applications (SSD)
Security and Privacy-enhancing Technologies for Cloud Storage of Big Data (Co-PI) [RGC CRF]
Centre for Genomic Studies on Plant-Environment Interaction for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (Co-PI) [RGC AoE]
Consultancy Service on A study of Technical Issues Using Blockchain Technology for Data Trading
Secure Computation Enabled Blockchain (SC-Enabled Blockchain) [ITF]
Consultancy Service on the Evaluation Technique for Side-channel Attacks
Yu, Yizhou An Advanced Video Fusion System for Security Investigations [ITF]
Multiphase Implicit Functions for Geometric Modeling of Heterogeneous Volume Objects [RGC GRF]
Classification Driven Levelsets for Interactive Image and Video Segmentation [RGC GRF]
RFID and Vision Sensor Integration in IOT Technology to enable Automated Baggage Pre-Clearance for Faster Passenger Flow in Airport [ITF]
Semantics-Aware Digital Photo Editing and Enhancement [RGC GRF]
Sketch-Based Object Modeling Using Deep Learning [URC]
Data-Driven Sketch Interfaces for Modeling Objects Characterized by Curvilinear Structures [RGC GRF]
Next Generation Digital Camera Imaging: Human Centered Image Reconstruction, Enhancement and Evaluation (Co-PI) [RGC RIF]
Yuen, John T.H. Secure processing of encrypted cloud data [URC]
Privacy-preserving Blockchain by Trusted Platform Module [URC]
Decentralized Digital Identity Management System [URC]
Practical Generic Ring Signature towards the Post-Quantum Era [RGC ECS]
Digital Identity Privacy Protection Technology