CS Past Theses

Master of Philosophy (2021)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
Privacy-Preserving Recommender System with VAEs: Optimization, Privacy, and Application
Doctor of Philosophy (2021)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
BAI GeG. Chiribella
T.W. Lam
Compression of Quantum Data and Vertification of Quantum Devices
CHEN ChaofengK.K.Y. Wong
Face Sketch Synthesis and Face Super Resolution in the Wild with Deep Learning
CHEN GuanyingK.K.Y. Wong
CHEN ZhenfangK.K.Y. Wong
Deep Learning for Visual Retrieval, Visual Grounding and Visual Reasoning
DING DanhaoC.M. Kao
N. Mamoulis
Learning representations on graphs with deep convolutional neural networks
GONG BingchenY. Yu
Local Structure Encoding and Representation in 2D and 3D Synthesis
LI XiaodongC.K. Cheng
Evaluating Probabilistic and Higher-Order Queries on Big Graphs
LIANG ZhibinT.H.H. Chan
Interactive Process Analysis for Graphs and Distributed Systems
LIN ChengW. Wang
Geometric Analysis for High-level Shape Understanding
LIN XiangruY. Yu
Visual Understanding From Data-driven Feature Learning to Causality Modeling
MA ChenhaoC.K. Cheng
Efficient and Effective Subgraph Discovery
WANG XiangningZ. Huang
T.H.H. Chan
User Data in Auctions
WANG XinS.M. Yiu
Towards Robust Image Recognition via Deep Generative Classifiers
WEI YichenK.P. Chow
Insider Threat Investigation through Unsupervised Learning
WU Tien HsuanC.M. Kao
On Improving Knowledge Modeling in Knowledge-Based Systems
WU YeH.F. Ting
T.W. Lam
Accurate text and data mining methods for biomedical knowledge discovery
XIE NingningB. Oliveira
Higher-rank Polymorphism: Type Inference and Extensions
YI XiaodongC. Wu
Optimization of DNN Training in Distributed Environments
ZHANG LinruS.M. Yiu
Leakage-Resilient Functional Encryption from Simple Assumptions
ZHANG QiankunZ. Huang
T.H.H. Chan
Online Primal Dual Algorithms for Generalized Online Bipartite Matching Problems
ZHANG WeixinB. Oliveira
Modularity Beyond Compositionality
ZHAO JinxuB. Oliveira
T.W. Lam
Formalized Higher-Ranked Polymorphic Type Inference Algorithms

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