CS Past Theses

Master of Philosophy (2018)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
SUN HaiqiC.K. Cheng
Maximizing Social Influence for the Awareness Threshold Model
Doctor of Philosophy (2018)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
DUAN JingpuC. Wu
Building Scalable, Resillient and High-performance NFV Systems
HAN KaiK.K.Y. Wong
Single View Reconstruction of Transpartent, Mirror and Diffuse Surfaces
LI MengluS.M. Yiu
Geonome Analyses Based on RNA Suences and DNA Optical Maps
SUN YujingW. Wang
A Study on Image and Surface Restoration
TSO Chi WaiS.M. Yiu
Extended Signature Schemes And A Non-Mersenne Prime RNG
WONG Petrie Ke FangC.M. Kao
Answering Which-Edge Queries
YANG JieS.M. Yiu
F.Y.L. Chin
Learning Sparse Structural Associations from Data
ZHANG ChenziT.H.H. Chan
Graph partitioning problems through spectral analysis and heuristics