CS Past Theses

Master of Philosophy (2019)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
CHOW Kwong PokC.M. Kao
T.Y. Chen
T.H. Tse
Enhancing the Efficiency of Adaptive Random Testing through Partitioning and Collaboration
YAN JingC.K. Cheng
CODED: sC-oriented Data Error: Detection
ZHU ZichenC.K. Cheng
Effective and Efficient Discovery of Top-k Meta Path in Heterogeneous Information Networks
Doctor of Philosophy (2019)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
FANG ChaoweiY. Yu
Nonlocal Feature Learning for Image Segmentation, Facial Video Hallucination, and Volumetric Segmentation
GE WeifengY. Yu
Image Understanding from Imperfect Data via Transfer Learning, Metric Learning, and Weakly Supervised Learning
HE MeiqiS.M. Yiu
Privacy-preserving Search on Encrypted Data
HUANG ZhipengC.M. Kao
C.K. Cheng
N. Mamoulis
Mining Heterogeneous Information Networks
KANG NingZ. Huang
T.H.H. Chan
Online Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
LI ChangjianW. Wang
Freeform Surface Modeling through 2D Sketching
LIN HuanxinC.L. Wang
On-GPU Thread-Data Remapping for Reducing Control Flow Divergence
LIU LingjieW. Wang
Thin Structure Reconstruction and User-controlled Human Video Rendering
LIU WeiK.K.Y. Wong
Robust Text Recognition in Natural Images
LUO SiqiangC.M. Kao
C.K. Cheng
Adaptive Optimization Techniques in Graph-based Applications
MA YuexinW. Wang
Prediction and Navigation for Heterogeneous Agents
SUN QihangC. Wu
Design Joint, Truthful, and Fair Online Mechanisms in Colocation Data Centres and Edge Nodes
TANG ZhihaoT.H.H. Chan
WANG YanlinB. Oliveira
Revisiting Multiple Inheritance fro Modularity and Reuse
YANG YanpengB. Oliveira
C.K. Cheng
Unifying Type Systems with Iso-Types
YAO HaobinS.M. Yiu
T.W. Lam
ZHANG HaoyuanB. Oliveira
T.H. Tse
Reusability and Modularity in Consumer, Producer, and Transformation Operations
ZHANG RuoqingS.M. Yiu
C.K. Hui
Attribute Based Encryption fro health Data Sharing