Final Year Projects [BEng(CompSc)]

2020-21 Final Year Project List

Project Title and DescriptionsSupervisor(s)Students(s)
poster iconA Big-Data-Driven Approach for MTRC and Coronavirus AnalysisProf.  Cheng Reynold
Ali Marvin
Nagra Harsh
Jain Rishabh
Effendi Janice Meita
Widjaja Marco Brian
poster iconA Chatbot as CS AmbassadorDr.  Lam Ka Man Carmen
Lin Claire Nikita
Ng Hiu Lam
Tong Tsz Ho
Yip Wai Ling
Wong Wun Yan
poster iconA Knowledge Graph Database for COVID-19 Drug DiscoveryProf.  Cheng Reynold
Dubey Aryaman
poster iconA light-weight CNN for object recognitionDr.  Chan K P
Chan Chun Ming
Chan Tik Shun
Lui Kin Ping
poster iconA low-cost IoT device for preventing the spread of COVID-19 (I)Dr.  Wong Kenneth
Chan Yat Ming
Cheung Tsz Jing
poster iconA mobile guest managing systemDr.  Ting H F
Choi Wing Fai
poster iconAccelerate Deep Learning with AI ChipsProf.  Wang C L
Zhang Yuhan
Cheng Lang
poster iconAdvanced indexing techniques and their applications in bioinformaticsDr.  Ting H F
Lai Ka Yee
poster iconAn AI Piano Tutor Dr.  Wu C
Ma Zhiying
Lin Yuyang
Wang Ximing
poster iconApplying deep learning to analyze social media discussion (group 1)Dr.  Chow K P
Tsui Wai Kin
Lee Long Hin
poster iconApplying deep learning to analyze social media discussion (group 2)Dr.  Chow K P
Li Qicheng
poster iconApplying deep learning to analyze social media discussion (group 3)Dr.  Chow K P
Chan Wing Kit
poster iconBlockchain-based Decentralized Platform for COVID-19 TestProf.  Yiu S M
Yeo Zhi Wen
Foo Zhi Qian
poster iconBudgeted Opinion Dynamics with Varying Susceptibility to PersuasionDr.  Chan Hubert
Lee Chui Shan
poster iconBuilding a code and data repository for teaching algorithmic tradingDr.  Luo Ruibang
Lee Kwanyoung
Wu Xue
Woo Chung Yu
poster iconBuilding decentralized Internet applications for a fast and DOS-resistant blockchain platform on InternetDr.  Cui H.M.
Yang Yuening
He Huanchen
Tsang Chin Fung
poster iconBuilding fast distributed consensus protocols and applications on an in-datacenter blockchain platformDr.  Cui H.M.
Zhi Weichen
poster iconBuilding Web Apps (or Progressive Web Apps) using advanced Web Technologies [Group 1]Dr.  Tam Anthony
Chen Yiyan
Huang Yu
poster iconBuilding Web Apps (or Progressive Web Apps) using advanced Web Technologies [Group 2]Dr.  Tam Anthony
Ho Kwan Hei
poster iconCalendar/Planner for Academia (Group: MKM)Dr.  Huang Z.Y.
Lam Ting Fai
Leung Yat Long
poster iconCalendar/Planner for Academia (Group: PTSD)Dr.  Huang Z.Y.
Cheng Oi Chun
Tai Kwok Chun
poster iconCourt communications in Qing ChinaDr.  Choi Loretta
Tai Wai Ho
poster iconCOVID-19 Twitter Analysis Using Spark and KafkaProf.  Wang C L
Talwar Pranav
Jain Rajat
poster iconDeanonymization and Traceability of Blockchain-Based CryptocurrenciesDr.  Au Allen
Zhang Yixing
poster iconDeep learning for diagnosis of skin cancerDr.  Schnieders Dirk
Ni Jingwei
Guo Hang
Hu Qiyun
poster iconE-voting PlatformDr.  Yuen John
Ho Siu Chuen
Feng Yongjian
poster iconEfficiency and Robustness in Federated LearningProf.  Wang C L
Yin Yue
poster iconFederated Learning Platform for COVID-19 DetectionProf.  Yiu S M
Ghosh Bratin
Kwan Pok Man
Khan Khondoker Araf Hasan
poster iconFinancial data forecaster (group 4)Dr.  Yip Beta
Rajiv Anshika
poster iconGenerating Bokeh with Deep LearningDr.  Schnieders Dirk
Liu Shuai
poster iconImplementation of Ring Signatures Dr.  Au Allen
Shao Ziwei
poster iconInteractive 3D Virtual CharactersDr.  Choi Loretta
Sharma Chhavi
Khanna Pareen
poster iconJudgment Synopsis Prof.  Kao Benjamin
Lin Yizhou
poster iconLearn to Dance with VR and Motion CaptureDr.  Choi Loretta
Lee Hoi Yan
poster iconMobile Light Flicker AnalyzerDr.  Lam Ka Man Carmen
Agarwal Tanuj
Agarwal Anirudh
poster iconMTRC train data analysis: A machine learning approach (group 1)Prof.  Cheng Reynold
Leung Chun Yin
Chung Hok Kan
Lam Kai I
Wong Chun Ming
Kwok Olivier Yuk-ting
MTRC train data analysis: A machine learning approach (group 2)Prof.  Cheng Reynold
Gupta Rhea
poster iconMy Assistant Pal - Smart Home Gadget By 3D PrintingDr.  Wu C
Kaza Arun
poster iconNetwork Architecture Search (NAS) for Facial Expression Recognition NetworksDr.  Chan K P
Chung Wai Kei
Tse Chung Yin
Chiu Chi Hang
poster iconOne Shot Audio to Video GenerationDr.  Schnieders Dirk
Guo Yuhan
poster iconOnline system for Python ProgrammingDr.  Schnieders Dirk
Chan Man Tik
poster iconSelf-proposed topics in VR/AR/mixed reality, motion analysis, data visualization & analytics (group 1)Dr.  Choi Loretta
Cheung Ka Wai
poster iconSelf-proposed topics in VR/AR/mixed reality, motion analysis, data visualization & analytics (group 2)Dr.  Choi Loretta
Chan Ming Chung
poster iconSmart FYP Presentation SchedulerDr.  Chim T W
Cheung Wing Hang
poster iconStablecoin for HKD (group 1)Dr.  Yuen John
Lee Tsz Hin
poster iconStablecoin for HKD (group 2)Dr.  Yuen John
Zhou Haihui
Lo Kai Man
poster iconStudies on cryptocurrenciesDr.  Yip Beta
Gaddhyan Keshav
Singh Varun
poster iconSwift application design and development (group 1)Dr.  Yip Beta
Lam Chun Yiu
Chan Hu Phong
poster iconSwift application design and development (group 2)Dr.  Yip Beta
Wong Ho Yuen Jason
poster iconThermography Fever Detection System (group 1)Dr.  Chim T W
Lee Ming Tsun
Chow Sherman
poster iconThermography Fever Detection System (group 2)Dr.  Chim T W
Kohli Krishna
Lo Man Chun
poster iconTracing cryptocurrency BitcoinDr.  Chow K P
Jayakumar Padinyarathra Abhishek
Ng Siu Tin Anthony
Chang Kai-hsiang
poster iconTrusted Participatory Journalism by BlockchainDr.  Yuen John
Pandey Praneet Kumar
Nautiyal Tanmay
Murthy Sthavir
poster iconUnderstanding Fashion ImageDr.  Luo Ping
Chen Xinda
poster iconVoice changer (group 1)Dr.  Yip Beta
Tam Man Hon
Voice changer (group 2)Dr.  Yip Beta
Majumdar Tanoy
Shah Naman
poster iconVR experience enhancementDr.  Choi Loretta
Cheung Man Hin
poster iconVR/AR Gamification App for the Elderly (group 1)Dr.  Choi Loretta
Ng Pui Tsung
Lam Tik Hei
poster iconVR/AR Gamification App for the Elderly (group 2)Dr.  Choi Loretta
Li Jianyuan
poster icon[Cybersecurity Project] A Mobile Application to help the Elderly to avoid Telephone DeceptionDr.  Chim T W
Leong Oi Man
Chow Tsz Hin
poster icon[Cybersecurity Project] A Smart Email Client to help user Identify Malicious URLsDr.  Chim T W
Wu Zekai
Yau Lai Shun
poster icon[Experiential Learning Project] Smart Patrol Robot (group 1)Dr.  Chim T W
Naveed Muhammad Sheheryar
Raj Utsav
poster icon[Experiential Learning Project] Smart Patrol Robot (group 2)Dr.  Chim T W
Leung Lok Yi
Lee Ka Fun
Tse Man Kit
poster icon[Industry Project] In-Station Delivery Service Safety MonitoringDr.  Schnieders Dirk
Tiwari Siddharth Dev
Gupta Pranav
poster icon[Industry Project] Intelligent matching of business needs and IT solutionsDr.  Tam Anthony
Poon Tak Chun
Ho Chun Yin
Lau Kwan Leung
Leung Hang Chun
poster icon[Industry Project] Keyless Mobile Access for Research Carrels and Lockers at HKU LibrariesDr.  Tam Anthony
Tam Tsz Lok
poster icon[Industry Project] Semantic Search Engine for retrieving materials for meetingDr.  Tam Anthony
Shoikot Sm Nazim Uddin
Singh Adya
poster icon[MakerLab Project] Combining Physical and Virtual Gaming ExperienceDr.  Chim T W
david lee
Que Xinyue
poster icon[MakerLab Project] Crafthouse's God Hand - Robotic Hands Controlling By Smartphone App Dr.  Chim T W
david lee
Liu Kin Ning
poster icon[MakerLab Project] Game App for Pick and Place 3D Printed Robotic Arm Dr.  Chim T W
david lee
Cheung Wai Lim
poster icon[MakerLab Project] Smart Phone Controlled Omni-directional Wheel Driven RobotDr.  Chim T W
david lee
Cheng Fai Yeung
poster icon[MakerLab Project] Smartphone Driven Pan/Tilt Security IP Cam Surveillance SystemDr.  Chim T W
david lee
Cheung Chun Yik
poster icon[Self-proposed project] AI wealth management platformProf.  Yiu S M
Wang Chenxu
poster icon[Self-proposed project] AI-powered Abnormality Detection for Karyotype AnalysisProf.  Lam T W
Ng Hoi Ying
poster icon[Self-proposed Project] An Interactive AR GameDr.  Chim T W
Man Yu Ching
Chim Tsz Sang
Ling Tsz Shuen
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Automatic Cantonese speech translationDr.  Yip Beta
Liu Hey Wing
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Cheating in Modern Computer Games: Methodologies and PreventionDr.  Chim T W
Chan Ronald
[Self-proposed project] Cloud Sourcing Sharing Enconomy CShareProf.  Lau Francis
Lee Kwong Chun Florence
poster icon[Self-proposed project] COmment ranking on social networkDr.  Choi Loretta
Hung Hoi Ip
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Crowd-sourced online repository of practice questions project] Dr.  Ting H F
Anuarbek Zhansaya
[Self-proposed project] Detecting empty seats in public spacesDr.  Choi Loretta
Rishi Raghav
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Detecting empty seats in public spacesDr.  Choi Loretta
Agarwal Mridul
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Efficient Behavioral Cloning with Contrastive LearningDr.  Luo Ping
Chen Xin
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Image based table recognitionDr.  Chan K P
Sattar Ehtesham
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Intelligent Python programming environment to identify and follow up on struggling studentsDr.  Ting H F
Namakkal Raghavendran Ajit Krishna
Rai Adarsh
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Land-Air Hybrid Drone Delivery SystemDr.  Choi Loretta
Lee Pak Ho
poster icon[Self-proposed project] P2P Live StreamingDr.  Tam Anthony
Saxena Raghu
poster icon[Self-proposed project] Sporting postures and movement modification assist with AI & AR (Group 2)Dr.  Choi Loretta
Chow Chun Wai
Tam Chin Wai
Tam Kin On
poster icon[Self-proposed project] SportMateDr.  Tam Anthony
Muhamedzhanov Ali Sanzhar
Dua Vyomesh
poster icon[Self-proposed project] To generate identifiable face images from pre-trained models using DeepIversionDr.  Luo Ping
Ma Chuofan
poster icon[Self-proposed project] YOLOv3 Object Detection Application in Covid-19 Use CasesDr.  Luo Ping
Sengupta Srijak

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