Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses Offered in 2019-20

4 Year Curriculum

Mapping of Courses to Programming Learning Outcomes

4 Year Curriculum
Course CodeCourse TitleTermStaff
Year 1 - Core
COMP1117AComputer Programming (ActSc, Dec Analytics, BBAIS, Minor & 2nd Major)1Dr. Ting H F
Dr. Lam Ka Man Carmen
COMP1117BComputer Programming (Quant Fin, Dec Analytics, Minor & 2nd Major)2Dr. Ting H F
Dr. Lam Ka Man Carmen
ENGG1330AComputer Programming I (A1 - M2)1Dr. Chui C K
Dr. Schnieders Dirk
ENGG1340AComputer Programming II1Dr. Cui H.M.
ENGG1340BComputer Programming II2Dr. Choi Loretta
Dr. Luo Ruibang
ENGG1340CComputer Programming II2Dr. Choi Loretta
Dr. Luo Ruibang
FITE1010Introduction to Financial Technologies1Dr. Yuen John
Year 2 - Core
COMP2113AProgramming Technologies1Dr. Cui H.M.
COMP2113BProgramming Technologies2Dr. Choi Loretta
Dr. Luo Ruibang
COMP2113CProgramming Technologies2Dr. Choi Loretta
Dr. Luo Ruibang
COMP2119AIntroduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (BBAIS, Dec Analytics, Minor, 2nd Major)1Dr. Chan Hubert
COMP2119BIntroduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (CS)2Prof. Kao Benjamin
COMP2119CIntroduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (CE, CDA, Dec Analytics, Minor, 2nd Major)2Dr. Yiu S M
COMP2120AComputer Organization (CS)2Dr. Chan K P
COMP2120BComputer Organization (BBAIS & 2nd Major)2Dr. Chan K P
COMP2121ADiscrete Mathematics (CS)1Prof. Chiribella Giulio
COMP2121BDiscrete Mathematics (BBAIS, CE, CDA, 2nd Major)1Dr. Chan Hubert
COMP2396AObject-oriented Programming and Java (CS)1Dr. Chim T W
COMP2396BObject-oriented Programming and Java2Dr. Chow K P
Year 3 - Core
COMP3230APrinciples of Operating Systems (CS)1Dr. Tam Anthony
COMP3230BPrinciples of Operating Systems (CE, BBAIS, 2nd Major)1Prof. Wang C L
COMP3234Computer and Communication Networks2Dr. Wu C
COMP3250ADesign and Analysis of Algorithms 2Dr. Huang Z.Y.
COMP3250BDesign and Analysis of Algorithms (advanced class)2Prof. Lam T W
COMP3278AIntro. to Database Management Systems (CS)1Dr. Lam Ka Man Carmen
COMP3278BIntro. to Database Management Systems (BBAIS, CE, CDA, Dec Analytics, EEE, Minor, 2nd Major)2Dr. Luo Ping
COMP3297ASoftware Engineering (CS)1Mr. Mitcheson George
Dr. Lam Ka Man Carmen
COMP3297BSoftware Engineering (CE, BBAIS, 2nd Major)2Mr. Mitcheson George
Dr. Lam Ka Man Carmen
COMP3311ALegal Aspects of Computing2Dr. Pun K H
COMP3311BLegal Aspects of Computing2Dr. Pun K H
COMP3412AInternship (ISCS5)1Dr. Tam Anthony
COMP3412BInternship (CS) summer Dr. Tam Anthony
Year 4 - Core
COMP4801Final Year Project full year Dr. Chan K P
COMP4804Computing and Data Analytics Project (CDA)1Dr. Cheng Reynold
COMP4805Project (2nd Major)1Dr. Ting H F
Year 2 to 4 - Elective
COMP3231Computer Architecture1Dr. Tam Anthony
COMP3258Functional Programming1Dr. Oliveira Bruno
COMP3259Principles of Programming Languages2Dr. Oliveira Bruno
COMP3270AArtificial Intelligence1Dr. Schnieders Dirk
COMP3270BArtificial Intelligence2Dr. Schnieders Dirk
COMP3271Computer Graphics1Dr. Choi Loretta
COMP3314Machine Learning2Prof. Yu Y Z
COMP3316Quantum Information and Computation1Prof. Chiribella Giulio
COMP3317Computer Vision1Dr. Wong Kenneth
COMP3320Electronic Commerce Technology2Dr. Yuen John
COMP3322AModern Technologies on World Wide Web1Dr. Wu C
COMP3322BModern Technologies on World Wide Web2Dr. Tam Anthony
COMP3323Advanced Database Systems1Dr. Cheng Reynold
COMP3329Computer Game Design and Programming2Dr. Chim T W
COMP3330Interactive Mobile Application Design and Programming1Dr. Chim T W
COMP3352Algorithmic Game Theory1Dr. Huang Z.Y.
COMP3353Bioinformatics1Dr. Luo Ruibang
COMP3354Statistical Learning1Dr. Luo Hao
COMP3355Cyber Security1Dr. Chow K P
COMP3356Robotics 1Dr. Pan Jia
COMP3357Cryptography2Dr. Ramanathan Ravishankar
COMP3358Distributed and Parallel Computing2Dr. Cui H.M.
COMP3359Artificial Intelligence Applications2Dr. Choi Loretta
COMP3403Implementation, Testing and Maintenance of Software Systems2Mr. Mitcheson George
COMP3407Scientific Computing2Prof. Wang W
COMP3414Experiential Learning on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics2Dr. Wong Kenneth
Dr. Choi Loretta
Dr. Chui C K
FITE3011Distributed Ledger and Blockchain2Dr. Yiu S M
FITE3012E-payment and Crypto-currency2Dr. Au Allen