Final Year Project Competition 2020-21

Project ID Project Title 3-min Video Posters Final Report
fyp20009 Building a code and data repository for teaching algorithmic trading Video Poster

Lee Kwan Young
Woo Chung Yu
Wu Xue

fyp20030 [Experiential Learning Project] Smart Patrol Robot (group 1) Video Poster

Naveed Muhammad Sheheryar
Raj Utsav

fyp20035 A Big-Data-Driven Approach for MTRC and Coronavirus Analysis Video Poster

Effendi Janice Meita
Jain Rishabh
Nagra Harsh
Widjaja Marco Brian
Ali Marvin

fyp20060 Federated Learning Platform for COVID-19 Detection Video Poster

Ghosh Bratin
Khan Khondoker Araf Hasan
Kwan Pok Man

fyp20065 [Experiential Learning Project] Smart Patrol Robot (group 2) Video Poster

Lee Ka Fun
Leung Lok Yi
Tse Man Kit