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Capstone experience has become an integral part of the major programme or the professional curriculum within the 4-year undergraduate curriculum at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). It’s also part of the graduation requirement under the 4-year curriculum. Under the BEng(CompSc) curriculum, students are required to complete a 12-credit Final Year Project course for fulfilling the capstone experience requirement. The objective of the Final Year Project course is to provide students an opportunity to undertake full end-to-end development of a substantial project by integrating and applying knowledge and skills they have acquired in their studies. To satisfy the project requirement, students can work as a team or individually to build an application that solves a real-life problem proposed and guided by a faculty member. Alternatively, a student can take up a research-oriented project that focuses on direct research and/or software development in a particular research problem.

Call for Industry-based Projects

It is essential to cover real-life industrial contexts in our Computer Science curriculum to enhance our students’ experience and nurture future computer professionals. That is why we welcome ideas for projects from the industry. Industry-based projects allow students to apply their knowledge and skills to actual industrial problems identified by industrial partners. Such projects create valuable experiences for the students. Students will be guided and mentored by an academic supervisor (who is a faculty member) during the project.

Our main criteria for accepting an Industry-based Project are:

  • a real problem to solve
  • relevance to the Computer Science curriculum
  • willingness of the industrial partner to provide support to our students throughout the project.
  • industrial partner provides necessary resources (e.g., data, documents) for the project.

Project Schedule

Students are invited to select their projects in June each year and will work on the projects from September to April of next year. Companies with potential projects to offer are requested to submit their project proposal(s) before late May of each year. In order to offer a broad choice of projects to students, we usually offer more projects than required. Thus, not all industry-based projects will be selected by students. By the end of June, all students should have selected/allocated with a project, and we shall inform all industrial partners whether their projects have been selected. If their projects are not selected by our students, companies can choose to remove the projects from our system, or carry forward them to the next academic year.

For submission of projects, please complete this online Project Proposal Submission Form.

University Contact

If you would like to discuss a project proposal, please email our Industry Project Coordinator Prof. Anthony Tam at

Department of Computer Science
Rm 301 Chow Yei Ching Building
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

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