Dr. J. Pan

PhD North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Assistant Professor

Tel: (+852) 2857 8441
Fax: (+852) 2559 8447
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/panjia

Research Interests

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Selected Publications

  • Jia Pan, Dinesh Manocha , GPU-based Parallel Collision Detection for Fast Motion Planning, International Journal of Robotics Research, 2012
  • Jia Pan, Liangjun Zhang, Dinesh Manocha , Collision-free and Smooth Trajectory Computation in Cluttered Environments, International Journal of Robotics Research, 2012
  • Jia Pan, Xinyu Zhang, Dinesh Manocha , Efficient penetration depth computation using active learning, SIGGRAPH Asia, 2013
  • Chonhyon Park, Jia Pan, Dinesh Manocha, High-DOF Robots in Dynamic Environments using Incremental Trajectory Optimization, International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, 2014
  • John Schulman, Yan Duan, Jonathan Ho, Alex Lee, Ibrahim Awwal, Henry Bradlow, Jia Pan, Sachin Patil, Ken Goldberg, Pieter Abbeel, Motion Planning with Sequential Convex Optimization and Convex Collision Checking, International Journal on Robotics Research, 2014