Dr. Pan, Jia

PhD North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Associate Professor

Tel: (+852) 2857 8441
Fax: (+852) 2559 8447
Email: jpan [AT] cs [DOT] hku [DOT] hk
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/panjia

Research Interests

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on developing intelligent algorithms, sensors, and machines to accomplish fully autonomous robots.

Selected Publications

  • Shijie Lin, Yinqiang Zhang, Lei Yu, Bin Zhou, Xiaowei Luo, Jia Pan*. Autofocus for Event Cameras. In IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), oral presentation, 2022
  • Hao Tian, Chaoyang Song, Changbo Wang, Xinyu Zhang, Jia Pan*. Sampling-based Planning for Retrieving Near-cylindrical Objects in Cluttered Scenes using Hierarchical Graphs. In IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO), 2022.
  • Yupu Lu, Shijie Lin, Jia Pan*. ModLaNets: Learning Generalisable Dynamics via Modularity and Physical Inductive Bias. In International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), long presentation, 2022
  • Ke Guo, Wenxi Liu, Jia Pan*. End-to-End Trajectory Distribution Prediction Based on Occupancy Grid Maps. In IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022
  • Tingxiang Fan, Bowen Shen, Hua Chen, Wei Zhang*, Jia Pan*. DynamicFilter: an Online Dynamic Objects Removal Framework for Highly Dynamic Environments. In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2022
  • Youcan Yan, Zhe Hu, Zhengbao Yang, Wenzhen Yuan, Chaoyang Song, Jia Pan*, and Yajing Shen. A soft magnetic skin for self-decoupled and super-resolved tactile sensing. Science Robotics, 6(51), 2021
  • Youcan Yan, Zhe Hu, Yajing Shen*, and Jia Pan*. Surface Texture Recognition by Deep Learning-enhanced Tactile Sensing. Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2021
  • Yajue Yang, Pinxin Long, Xibin Song, Jia Pan*, and Liangjun Zhang. Optimization-based framework for excavation trajectory generation. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL), 6(2):1479 – 1486, 2021
  • Xuan Zhao, Tingxiang Fan, Yanwen Li, Yu Zheng, and Jia Pan*.  An Efficient and Responsive Robot Motion Controller for Safe Human-Robot Collaboration. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL), 6(3): 6068 - 6075, 2021
  • Tinxiang Fan, Pinxin Long, Wenxi Liu, and Jia Pan*. Distributed multi-robot collision avoidance via deep reinforcement learning for navigation in complex scenarios. International Journal on Robotics Research (IJRR), 39(7):856–892, 2020
  • Tingxiang Fan, Xinjing Cheng, Jia Pan*, Pinxin Long, Wenxi Liu, Ruigang Yang, and Dinesh Manocha. Getting robots unfrozen and unlost in dense pedestrian crowds. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL), 4(2):1178–1185, 2019
  • Zhe Hu, Tao Han, Peigen Sun, Jia Pan*, and Dinesh Manocha. 3D deformable object manipulation using deep neural networks. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL), 4(4):4255–4261, 2019
  • Zhe Hu, Jia Pan*, Tingxiang Fan, Ruigang Yang, and Dinesh Manocha. Safe navigation with human instructions in complex scenes. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL), 4(2):753–760, 2019
  • Zhe Hu, Peigen Sun, and Jia Pan*. Three-dimensional deformable object manipulation using fast online gaussian process regression. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL), 3(2):979–986, 2018
  • Pinxin Long, Wenxi Liu, and Jia Pan*. Deep-learned collision avoidance policy for distributed multi-agent navigation. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL), 2(2):656–663, 2017
  • Jia Pan* and Dinesh Manocha. Fast probabilistic collision checking for sampling-based motion planning using locality-sensitive hashing. International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR), 35(12):1477–1496, 2016
  • Sachin Patil, Jia Pan, Pieter Abbeel, and Ken Goldberg. Planning curvature and torsion constrained ribbons in 3d with application to intracavitary and brachytherapy. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (TASE), 12(4):1332–1345, 2015
  • John Schulman, Yan Duan, Jonathan Ho, Alex Lee, Ibrahim Awwal, Henry Bradlow, Jia Pan, Sachin Patil, Ken Goldberg, Pieter Abbeel, Motion Planning with Sequential Convex Optimization and Convex Collision Checking, International Journal on Robotics Research (IJRR), 2014
  • Jia Pan*, Xinyu Zhang, Dinesh Manocha , Efficient penetration depth computation using active learning, SIGGRAPH Asia, 2013
  • Jia Pan*, Liangjun Zhang, Dinesh Manocha , Collision-free and Smooth Trajectory Computation in Cluttered Environments, International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR), 2012
  • Jia Pan*, Dinesh Manocha , GPU-based Parallel Collision Detection for Fast Motion Planning, International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR), 2012

Recent Research Grants

  • RGC's General Research Fund (2020) Effective Navigation in Dense Crowds: Getting Robot Unlost, Unfrozen, and Unobtrusive using Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • RGC's General Research Fund (2019) Fully-Decentralized and Near-Optimal Large-Scale Multi-Robot Collision Avoidance via Deep Learning
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) / RGC Joint Research Scheme (2017) 3D Design Algorithms and Dexterous Robotic Sewing for Customized Garment Fabrication
  • RGC's Early Career Scheme (2017) Autonomous Warehouse Logistics with Multiple Mobile Manipulators
  • RGC's General Research Fund (2016) Learning from Demonstrations for Robotics Manipulation of Deformable Objects