Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Do I need to attach a research proposal to the application form?

    The research proposal is optional, but including a convincing research proposal in your application can increase your chances of success. A template of research proposal can be found here.

  2. Do I have to contact a professor in my area of interest before submitting the application?

    You may choose to contact a potential supervisor to seek help in formulating your research plan. But this is not mandatory. It is not required that you get a professor to agree to be your supervisor before submitting the application.

  3. Is my chance compromised if I choose not to put down the name of the proposed supervisor in the application form?

    No. But a supervisor will be assigned in this case.

  4. Do I need to put down research areas in the application form?

    Yes. It is advisable to list up to three research areas in a prioritized order.

  5. Do I need to attach my transcripts to the application form?

    Yes. If you are graduating in the summer of coming year, then please attach the transcript for the courses you have taken so far.

  6. What are the criteria used in screening the applicants?

    Academic record, research experience, research publications, proof of English proficiency, etc. Distribution of students over different areas of research is also a consideration.

  7. Is it necessary to submit a separate application for financial support?

    No. All successful applicants will be offered financial support in the form of postgraduate scholarship.

  8. Is it possible to apply for part-time study?

    Generally part-time applicants have lower priority than full-time applicants.

  9. I got a bachelor degree only. Can I apply for the PhD program?

    Applicant attained a Bachelor's degree with 1st class honor or GPA above 3.70 is recommended to apply our 4-year PhD programme.

  10. When can I be informed of the decision on my application?

    The notice of admission will be sent in April.

  11. How many courses do I have to take during my study?

    Students are required to complete both Graduate School courses and Departmental Coursework Requirements, please refer to to here for details.

  12. I am an exchange student from the Mainland. Will I be treated as a local student or an overseas student?

    There is no difference as far as the screening process is concerned. But you need to make sure you get the right visa status.

  13. I got a 2nd class B honor. Am I qualified to apply?

    We will consider applicants with lower than 2nd class A honor only under very exceptional circumstances (eg. outstanding research publications).

  14. How competitive is the admission process?

    The Department admitted around 25 students from about 300 applicants in each of the past few years.

  15. Can I submit my application in the clearing rounds?

    Yes. Note that applications in the clearing rounds will not be considered if there are no places left from the main round, i.e. the batch of applications submitted by December 1.

Please visit the FAQ of the Graduate School for further information.