HKU Engineering Team Got 1st Runner-up in the World and No. 1 from China at 2019 GGCS

A team from HKU Engineering got first runner-up in the world and number 1 from China with an early prototype of “ClearBot” at the Student Competition of 2019 Global Grand Challenges Summit held on September 13 in London. Student teams from participating country proposed ways to address aspects of the theme of this year's summit, "Engineering in an Unpredictable World". The “ClearBot” built by the HKU Engineering team is an AI-powered, autonomous plastic-collecting robotic solution that took aim at the global ocean plastic epidemic.

Members of the HKU Engineering team include:

  • WOO Chung Yu (BEng(CS) - Year 3)
  • MA Jiacheng (BSc(ActurSc) + major in CS - Year 4)
  • Utkarsh GOEL (BEng(CS) - Year 4)
  • Ahmed Abbas ALVI (BEng(ME) - Year 4)
  • Sidhant GUPTA (Student Research Assistant)

More details are available from HKU Press Release.