HKU CS spin-off company “Stellaris AI” launches ground-breaking language model Stellaris GPT with hundreds of billions of parameters, which does not rely on OpenAI or any other ChatGPT-like systems

In a landmark announcement on 10 May 2023, HKU Department of Computer Science (CS) spin-off company “Stellaris AI” unveiled Stellaris GPT (SGPT), a ground-breaking, large-scale language model with a staggering hundreds of billions of parameters. Professor Siu-Ming Yiu, Executive Director of the HKU-SCF FinTech Academy and Professor in the Department of Computer Science of the University, and his former PhD student, Dr. Jacob Jikun Wu, CEO of Stellaris AI, led the announcement seminar, highlighting the potential impact of SGPT on the AI industry.

“SGPT does not rely on OpenAI or any other existing ChatGPT-like systems and was developed from scratch by Stellaris.”

The AIGC (Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Content) market in China alone is projected to exceed RMB 1 trillion by 2030. A key component for supporting the industry is the adoption of AI-powered language models, such as ChatGPT. SGPT v2.5, which was independently developed from scratch by Stellaris and does not rely on OpenAI or any other existing ChatGPT-like systems, provides an AI-powered language model/system with no copyright or legal risks.

“On-site demonstration” shows that SGPT performs exceptionally well at various tasks”

In an on-site, real-time demonstration on 10 May 2023, participants were given the opportunity to ask any questions to SGPT, which performed exceptionally well in tasks such as text generation, language understanding, knowledge-based question answering, news commentary, financial queries, technical commentary, technical question answering, programming question answering, code understanding, code generation, general knowledge, numerical computation, logical reasoning, multilingual and cross-language interpretation, multi-round dialogue, and human-like empathy. Notably, SGPT provided correct answers in some complex corner cases involving complicated mathematics, logic, ethics and other areas in which other large models had failed.

The future development plans for Stellaris AI emphasize technological excellence, industry-leading research and development, and strong support from a scientific research team. SGPT v3, a stronger and faster version, is set to be launched for public testing in June 2023, featuring multimodal conversation, plugins, open API calls, longer context and memory, local deployment, auto mode, industry-specific large models, a secure LLM security framework, and compliance protection.

Press release by HKU can be viewed here.