Professor C Wu and Dr Heming Cui Received Over HK$11M of Funding from Research Grants Council for 2022-23

Professor C Wu and Dr Heming Cui of the Department's "Systems and Networking" research group received over HK$11M from the Research Grants Council (RGC) for 2022-23.

Professor Chuan Wu has been awarded over HK$7M of Collaborative Research Fund for a project titled "Automating Distributed Machine Learning: Algorithms and System Optimization" led by her in collaboration with researchers from CUHK and HKUST.

Dr Heming Cui's project titled "MindPipe: High-performance and Carbon-efficient Four-dimensional Parallel Training System for Large AI Models" received HK$4.3M of Research Impact Fund from RGC, including a direct funding of HK$2.95M from RGC. Dr. Ping Luo is also involved in this project as co-PI.