HINCare Project "GIVE" Receives Certificate of Merit at Asia Smart App Awards 2021

Professor Reynold Cheng and his team HINCare received a Certificate of Merit under the Public Sector and Social Innovation Category of the Asia Smart App Awards 2021 with their app titled "GIVE: A Generic and Intelligent Volunteering Engine (手牽守)".

This app is a cloud based platform helping NGOs to recommend and match potential volunteers to their service clients and community in a timebanking setting. GIVE includes a mobile app "手牽守" for use by the NGOs' members. The app users have their own timebanking account. They are able to earn time credits by helping others, and meanwhile, they can spend the time credits to enjoy service provided by NGO and volunteers. GIVE plays an essential role in recommending users suitable volunteers smartly. The app is now supporting 10 NGOs with more than 5,000 members in Hong Kong.

More details are available from the webpage of HINCare.