Research Publications by CS Undergrads/Interns

Quite a number of our Computer Science undergraduate students or interns have the opportunities in pursuing research and publishing their works in different top research and conference journals. Some of the publications were based on their Final Year Projects or their work during summer internship.

Xin CHEN* NeurIPS 2021 Datasets and Benchmarks Track
"An Empirical Investigation of Representation Learning for Imitation" by Xin Chen*, Sam Toyer*, Cody Wild*, Scott Emmons, Ian Fischer, Kuang-Huei Lee, Neel Alex, Steven H Wang, Ping Luo, Stuart Russell, Pieter Abbeel, and Rohin Shah
Bijun YUAN &
FOCS 2021
"Improved Online Correlated Selection" by Ruiquan Gao, Zhongtian He, Zhiyi Huang, Zipei Nie, Bijun Yuan, and Yan Zhong
Chui Shan LEE COCOON 2021
"On the Hardness of Opinion Dynamics Optimization with $L_1$-Budget on Varying Susceptibility to Persuasion" by T-H. Hubert Chan and Chui Shan Lee
Haoran QIU Transaction on Service Computing in 2021
"A Geography-Based P2P Overlay Network for Fast and Robust Blockchain Systems" by Haoran Qiu, Shixiong Zhao, Xusheng Chen, Ji Qi, Heming Cui*, and Sen Wang (submitted)
"ChromSeg: Two-Stage Framework for Overlapping Chromosome Segmentation and Reconstruction" by Xu Cao*, Fangzhou Lan, Chi-Man Liu, Tak-Wah Lam, and Ruibang Luo
Boxuan LI IEEE ICDE 2020
"MC-Explorer: Analyzing and Visualizing Motif-Cliques on Large Networks" by B. Li*, R. Cheng, J. Hu, Y. Fang, M. Ou, R. Luo, K. Chang, and X. Lin
Lukito BUDIMAN* & Jikun WANG* IEEE ICDE 2018
"SpaceKey: Exploring Patterns in Spatial Databases" by Y. Fang*, R. Cheng, J. Wang*, Budiman*, G. Cong, and N. Mamoulis
Haoran QIU DSN '18
"OWL: Understanding and Detecting Concurrency Attacks" by Shixiong Zhao, Rui Gu, Haoran Qiu, Tsz On Li, Yuexuan Wang, Heming Cui*, and Junfeng Yang
Boxuan LI & Haoran QIU NSDI '18
"PLOVER: Fast, Multi-core Scalable Virtual Machine Fault-tolerance" by Cheng Wang, Xusheng Chen, Weiwei Jia, Boxuan Li, Haoran Qiu, Shixiong Zhao, and Heming Cui*

* first-author