Five New ITF Projects Receiving a Total Funding of HK$19M

Five new projects run by Dr Allen Au, Prof TW Lam and Prof Wu Chuan received a total funding of HK$13.8M of Innovation Technology Fund and over HK$4.8M of Industrial Support.

Three projects led by Dr Allen Au received around HK$6M from ITF and HK$2.6M from industrial support. They are:

  • ITSP Platform Project on "A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Platform over Public Blockchain with Traitor Tracing"
  • ITSP Seed Project on "Secure Computation over Large-Scale Encrypted Data for Statistical Analysis"
  • Partnership Research Programme Project on "Blockchain-Enhanced Trade Finance - A Secure, Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Solution from Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Tokenised Document"

Professor TW Lam's ITSP Platform Project on "Towards a Fully-Automated Karyotype Analysis for Detecting Chromosomal Abnormality via Intelligent Bioinformatics and Image Analysis" received HK$6.3M from ITF and matched with HK$0.7M from industrial support.

Professor C Wu's project in partnership with Bytedance (HK) Limited on "A Generic Runtime Diagnosis Toolkit for Expedited Large-Scale DNN Training" received HK$1.5M from ITF with HK$1.5M matching from Bytedance.

In addition to the above projects with Principal Coordinators from the Department of Computer Science, Professor Ben Kao is also involved in a joint project between Law and Computer Science on "AI-HKLII: AI-Powered Legal Research Platform" which received around HK$1.4M of funding from ITF.