Two New Projects Receiving over HK$13M from Midstream Research Programme for Universities of Innovation Technology Fund

Dr Kenneth KY Wong and Dr Loretta YK Choi are involved in 2 new projects which receive a total funding of more than HK$13 million under the Midstream Research Programme for Universities of the Innovation Technology Fund.

The first project "Speeding Up Examination of Heart Diseases Through the Use Of 3D Echocardiography and Machine Learning" with Dr Wong as the Principal Investigator and Dr Choi as the Co-Investigator receives a grant of HK$5.415 million.

The second project "A Non-radiation Artificial Intelligence Spine Deformity Diagnosis System" in which Dr Wong (as Co-Principal Investigator) and Dr Choi (as Co-Investigator) are working in collaboration with Dr Jason P.Y. Cheung from the Faculty of Medicine receives a grant of HK$7.64 million.

group photo