WIRED Magazine Featured Research on "Soft Magnetic Skin" by Dr Jia Pan and Researchers from Other Institutions

WIRED, a monthly American magazine published in print and online edition that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics, released in the March 2021 issue a feature article on "This Fingertip for Robots Uses Magnets to ‘Feel’ Things" which based on the latest result of a paper titled "Soft magnetic skin for super-resolution tactile sensing with force self-decoupling" published in the Science Robotics journal by Dr Jia Pan from HKU and two Ph.D. students supervised by him (Mr Youcan Yan & Mr Zhe Hu), together with 4 other researchers from City University of Hong Kong, Carnegie Mellon University, Southern University of Science and Technology, and City University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Research Institute.

group photo