BEng(CS) Students Championed at Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition

Three Year 3 BEng(CompSc) students, Utsav Raj, Ehtesham Sattar and Muhammad Sheheryar Naveed, championed at the Tertiary Sector of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2019 Competition with their app titled "Pacifi" developed under the theme of "Imagination that Spurs Happiness".

The ‘Emotional Wheel’ function in their app can perform an emotional analysis based on a users’ response to four different stress relief activities including breathing, drawing, jogging, and dialogue with an inbuilt AI chatbot. The system obtains data related to stress, anger, and happiness to analyze a users’ stress level and then helps them to reduce it. Video of this app can be viewed at

Three other teams which comprised of BEng(CompSc)/BBA(IS) students also obtained Merit Award in the same competition. They are: