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COMP4804 Computing and Data Analytics Project

COMP4804 Computing and Data Analytics Project

Instructor(s):Ting HF
(Class A) No. of credit(s):6
Recommended Learning Hours:
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Course Learning Outcomes

1. [Process]
Plan and carry out the full lifecycle of software projects similar in scope to what students are expected to undertake after graduation;
2. [Application]
Apply the knowledge, methodology and techniques of undergraduate courses to practical projects in a professional manner;
3. [Communication]
Communicate with users and peers with regard to user requirements and technical concepts verbally (via meetings and presentations), in writing (via reports) and in action (via demonstrations);
4. [Decision Making]
Overcome unforeseen problems, make informed decisions, and work under the constraints of limited time, human and financial resources.
Mapping from Course Learning Outcomes to Programme Learning Outcomes
 Mapped to PLOs
CLO 1PLO(a), PLO(b), PLO(c), PLO(d), PLO(f), PLO(g), PLO(h)
CLO 2PLO(a), PLO(b), PLO(c), PLO(e), PLO(f), PLO(g), PLO(h), PLO(m), PLO(r), PLO(s), PLO(t), PLO(u)
CLO 3PLO(h), PLO(i), PLO(n), PLO(o), PLO(p), PLO(q)
CLO 4PLO(b), PLO(c), PLO(h), PLO(j), PLO(r), PLO(t), PLO(u)

For Programme Learning Outcomes of BEng(EngSc) Major in Computing & Data Analytics, please refer to here.


Calendar Entry:
Students during the final year of their studies undertake a substantial project, taking it from initial concept through to final delivery, and integrating their knowledge and skills on computing.

Detailed Description:

Inception Mapped to CLOs
Phase 1: Inception1, 2, 3, 4
Elaboration Mapped to CLOs
Phase 2: Elaboration1, 2, 3, 4
Construction Mapped to CLOs
Phase 3: Construction1, 2, 3, 4

Continuous Assessment: 100%

Teaching Plan

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