How to apply (2020-21)

Timeline for 2020-21 Admission
The main applications for the research degrees are invited in September 1, 2019 with the closing date of December 2, 2019. If there are study places left, clearing round applications may be invited in April and August with closing dates of April 30, 2020 (for September intake) and August 31, 2020 (for January intake). It is therefore to your advantage to apply early. Applicants interested in Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) should indicate so in their application form and submit their complete application in the main round before December 2, 2019.
Application Steps

1. Complete the Online Application Form

All applicants should fill in the online application form in the Graduate School Online Application System:


2. Prepare a Research Proposal

Applicants for admission to read for the degree of MPhil or PhD should propose a field of study and submit a Research Proposalgiving a clear description of a particular aspect of the field in which they are interested in pursuing, and explaining the particular approach which they propose to take in studying the subject matter. You may choose to contact a potential supervisor to seek help in formulating your research plan. Applicants may be refused admission if the University considers that they are not sufficiently prepared or that the proposed research cannot be successfully pursued at the University.

3. Prepare other Supporting Documents and Submit the Application

Please refer to the General Information for Admission at the HKU Graduate School website All the application materials should be submitted via the Graduate School Online Application System before the application deadline.

Further information
Further information can be obtained from:

Graduate School

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Department of Computer Science

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