Establishment of the HKU FinTech Student Association (FTSA)

On 1 July 2020, the HKU FinTech Student Association (FTSA) was established by a team of BASc(FinTech) students from the inaugural cohort 2019-2023, after months of idea formulation and hardwork. The FTSA aims to be a professional FinTech student body in HKU, which provides a platform to all HKU FinTech enthusiasts, regardless of years and majors to explore, connect, discuss and collaborate with each other in the FinTech ecosystem.

FTSA is proud to announce its official affiliation with The University of Hong Kong – Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation FinTech Academy (HKU-SCF FinTech Academy), and is honoured to receive support from its very own BASc(FinTech) programme, and the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering HKU.

The Academy, Department of CS and FTSA will work hand in hand to enhance the coordination among the Academy and HKU students, and execute a series of academic and industrial professional events - from talent development, R&D effort, to industry and community engagement. All of these efforts are for a similar goal - to nurture talents of HKU students in shaping the FinTech industry across the region, and strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a global financial hub.

Membership registration for FTSA is now open, please click here for the registration form.

For more information on the FTSA, please click here to visit their official website, and follow @hku.ftsa on Instagram for most recent updates.