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World Champion of Microsoft 2020 Imagine Cup
HKU-Oxford Partnership in Quantum Information and Computation
HKU Team Won Championship at the Chengdu 80 - FinTech Design and Development Competition
Dr. Dirk Schnieders Receives Early Career Teaching Award
Woo Chung Yu Receives Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2019
HKU Team Won Two Silver Medals in the Regional and Continent Final of International Collegiate Programming Contest 2019

Three Recent Publications in Nature Communications (March & April 2019)

The Computer Science Department, led by the quantum information research group and the bioinformatics algorithm lab, has recently published three articles in Nature Communications. Nature...
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Physicists propose a second level of quantization for quantum Shannon theory

Information theory, which was developed by Claude Shannon starting in the late 1940s, deals with questions such as how quickly information can be sent over a noisy communications channel. Both the...
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