CS Past Theses
Master of Philosophy (2014)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
SHI ShengkaiC. Wu
Cost-Aware Online VM Purchasing for Cloud-Based Application Service Providers with Arbitrary Demands
TANG YuN. Mamoulis
C.K. Cheng
Similarity Search with Earth Mover's Distance at Scale
WAN ChangD.W.L. Cheung
C.M. Kao
Mining Multi-Faceted Data
YE YongtaoH.F. Ting
Aligning multiple sequences adaptively
YU WeiN. Mamoulis
Reverse Top-k Search using Random Walk with Restart
ZHANG WangdaC.M. Kao
C.K. Cheng
Evaluating Multi-Way Joins over Discounted Hitting Time
Doctor of Philosophy (2014)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
CHAN Sze HangT.W. Lam
Competitive Online Job Scheduling Algorihtms under Different Energy Management Models
CHAN Tak FaiC.K. Hui
Electronic Signature: Towards a Seamless Integration of Legislatio and Technology
CHEN FeiT.H.H. Chan
Linear Programming Techniques for Algorithms with Aplications in Economics
Personalized Web Search Re-Ranking and Content Recommendation
KUANG ZhanghuiK.K.Y. Wong
Learning Structural SVMs and Its Applications in Computer Vision
KUANG Zheng ZhengW. Wang
Modeling and Interactive Rendering of Urban Environments
LAI Po YanF.C.M. Lau
Relationship Analysis for Web Content Adaptation
LI RongbinT.W. Lam
New Competitive Algorithms for Online Job Shceduling
LIU XuanS.M. Yiu
LUO TaoK.P. Chow
H.Y.R. Chung
Human Visual Tracking in Suveillance Video
QIU XuanjiaC. Wu
F.C.M. Lau
Dynamic Utility Maximization for Multi-Cloud based Servcies
REN ChenghuiC.M. Kao
D.W.L. Cheung
Algorithms for Evolving Graph Analysis
WANG HaoN. Mamoulis
D.W.L. Cheung
Advanced Rank-aware Queries and Recommendation with Novel Types of Data
WANG YiF.Y.L. Chin
Binning and Annotation for Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing Reads
XIANG XiangzhongH.F. Ting
Mechanism Design for Auctions and Pricing
YANG XuanC.K. Cheng
D.W.L. Cheung
Budget-Limited Data Disambiguation
YU DongxiaoF.C.M. Lau
Distributed Algorithmic Studies in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
YUK Shun ChoK.K.Y. Wong
Adaptive Video Defogging Base on Background Modeling
T.H. Tse
W.K. Chan
Budget-Sensitive Testing and Analysis Strategies and their Applications to Concurrent and Service-Based Systems
ZHAO JianC. Wu
Performace Modeling and Optimization Solutions for Networking Systems
ZHU XinghuaW. Wang
K.K.Y. Wong
Multi-Compartment Model Estimation and Analysis in high Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging
ZHU YanshuK.K.Y. Wong
W. Wang
Compact Representation of Medial Axis Transform