Innovation & Technology Laboratories

FinTech Lab
Dr. K.P. Chow (Co-Director)
Prof. S.M. Yiu (Director)
Dr. John T.H. Yuen
AI Technology Lab
Dr. Bethany M.Y. Chan
Prof. David W.L. Cheung (Co-Director)
Prof. Francis Y.L. Chin
Dr. Loretta Y.K. Choi
Prof. Benjamin C.M. Kao
Prof. T.W. Lam (Director)
Prof. Francis C.M. Lau (Co-Director)
Dr. Ruibang Luo

Dr. Dirk Schnieders
Prof. Amy Wang (Associate Director (Mainland Collaboration))
Prof. W. Wang
Dr. Kenneth K.Y. Wong
Dr. C. Wu
Prof. S.M. Yiu
Prof. Y.Z. Yu



ITF Projects (from 2011)

A Cloud-backed Smart Walker for the Elderly (2020-22, HK$3.3M, Dr. C. Wu)
Research and Development on Algorithms for Evaluating Mental Wellness Using Heart Rate Variability Measured by Wearable Devices (2019-20, HK$1.3M, Dr. Kenneth K.Y. Wong)
Trial: Hong Kong Genomes Database with Applications to Precision Medicine (2019-2020, HK$3.76M, Prof. T.W. Lam)
HINCare: A Heterogeneous Information Network for Elderly-Care Helper Recommendation (2019-2021, HK$4.06M, Dr. R.C.K. Cheng)
Secure Computation Enabled Blockchain (SC-Enabled Blockchain) (2019-20, HK$2.99M, Dr. S.M. Yiu)
AI-Enabled Private and Public Data Integration Platform for Rapid Development of RegTech Applications (2018-20, HK$ 4.99M, Prof. T.W. Lam)
SHIELD (Smart Hacking and Intrusion Entrapment with Lawful Detection) (2018-19, HK$ 2.32M, Dr. K.P. Chow)
Close-Proximity Human-Robot Collaboration for Intelligent Manufacturing (2018-20, HK$ 7M, Prof. W.P. Wang)
Artificial Intelligent Orthodontic System (2018-20, HK$ 8.76M, Prof. W.P. Wang)
Advanced 3GS-based bioinformatics algorithms and a complete bioinformatics solution for clinical genetics (2018-20, HK$ 7.38M, Prof. T.W. Lam)
Research on Key Technologies in Mobile Internet Forensics (2017-19, HK$ 0.90M, Dr. K.P. Chow)
SHIELD (2017-18, HK$ 3.52M, Dr. K.P. Chow)
ART Wire 3D -- An Augmented Reality System for Interactive 3D Wire Sculpturing (2016-18, HK$ 1.40M, Prof. W.P. Wang)
Intelligent 3D Perception for Robots in Complex Environment with Active Interaction (2016-18, HK$ 2.25M, Prof. W.P. Wang)
An eLogistics Appliance with Data Exchange and Conversion Technologies for Infrastructure Connectivity (2016-17, HK$ 4.00M, Prof. David W.L. Cheung)
A Video Identification System based on a Novel Video Fingerprinting Technique (2016-17, HK$ 1.40M, Dr. K.P. Chow)
A genomic database for the Chinese population with applications to precision medicine (2015-17, HK$ 6.80M, Prof. T.W. Lam)
SHIELD - Critical Infrastructure Protection in Hong Kong (2015-16, HK$ 6.00M, Dr. K.P. Chow)
RFID and Vision Sensor Integration in IOT Technology to enable Automated Baggage Pre-Clearance for Faster Passenger Flow in Airport (2015-17, HK$ 2.48M, Prof. Y.Z. Yu)
Research and Development on Techniques for Automatic Segmentation, Tracking and Reconstruction of Mitral Valve from 4D Echocardiogram (2015-16, HK$ 1.40M, Dr. Kenneth K.Y. Wong)
New Methodology and Software for Improving Subtitle Presentation in Movies and Videos (2014-16, HK$ 1.40M, Prof. W.P. Wang)
A novel motion-compensated video reconstruction approach for video streaming and storage solution (2014-15, HK$ 1.19M, Prof. Francis Y.L. Chin)
A Genomic and Pharmaceutical Knowledge-based System for Clinical Diagnosis and Case Repository (2013-16, HK$ 9.09M, Prof. T.W. Lam)
Matching Facial Composites to Partially Occluded or Disguised Faces for Law Enforcement and Crime (2012-13, HK$ 1.04M, Dr. Kenneth K.Y. Wong)
An Advanced Video Fusion System for Security Investigations (2012-14, HK$ 5.22M, Prof. Y.Z. Yu)
A Smartphone Control Device and Signpost System for Visually Impaired Users (2011-15, HK$ 7.69M,Prof. David W.L. Cheung)
Integrating Multiple Visual Biometic for Human Recognition (2011-12, HK$ 0.99M, Dr. K.P. Chow)
Cyberspace Investigation Technology Using Criminal Profiling (2011-12, 2014, HK$ 1.30M, Dr. K.P. Chow)