Major in Computing & Data Analytics (4-Year Curriculum)

jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science and Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science


The syllabus applies to students admitted in the academic year 2016-17 and thereafter under the four-year curriculum.

The curriculum comprises 96 credits with the following structure:

Prerequisite :

  • Level 3 or above in HKDSE Mathematics
  • Level 3 or above in HKDSE Physics or Combined Science with Physics component

General Engineering Courses (18 credits)

Course Code Course No. of credits
COMP2121 Discrete Mathematics 6
Computer Programming and Applications #
Computer programming and applications I
MATH1013 University mathematics II * 6
Total for General Engineering Courses 18

# Non-BEng students are required to complete COMP1117 Computer programming (6 credits) in place of ENGG1111

* Students can be waived for taking “MATH1013 University mathematics II” should they complete “MATH1851 Calculus and ordinary differential equations” and “MATH1853 Linear algebra, probability & statistics”.

Pre-requisite for “MATH1013 University mathematics II”:

  • Level 2 or above in HKDSE Mathematics plus Extended Module 1; or
  • Level 2 or above in HKDSE Mathematics plus Extended Module 2; or
  • Completed “MATH1011 University mathematics I”

Discipline Core Courses (54 credits)

Introductory Courses (30 credits)

Course Code Course No. of credits
COMP2119 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms 6
COMP2123 Programming Technologies and Tools 6
MATH2014 Multivariable calculus and linear algebra 6
STAT2601 Probability and statistics I 6
STAT2602 Probability and statistics II 6
Total for Introductory Discipline Core Courses 30

Advanced Courses (24 credits)

Course Code Course No. of credits
COMP3250 Design and analysis of algorithms 6
COMP3278 Introduction to database management systems 6
COMP3407 Scientific computing 6
STAT3600 Linear statistical analysis 6
Total for Advanced Discipline Core Courses 24

Capstone Experience (6 - 12 credits)

Course Code Course No. of credits
Computing and data analytics project

Final year project *

Total for Capstone Experience 6-12

*The project must be related to Computing and Data Analytics.

Discipline Elective Courses (12-18 credits)

Course Code Course No. of credits
STAT3609 The statistics of investment risk 6
STAT3612 Data mining 6
STAT3613 Marketing engineering 6
STAT3615 Practical mathematics for investment 6
STAT3618 Derivatives and risk management 6
STAT3622 Data visualization 6
STAT4601 Time series analysis 6
STAT4607 Credit risk analysis 6
STAT4608 Market risk analysis 6
STAT4609 Big data analytics 6
Total for Discipline Elective Courses 12-18


Impermissible Combinations:
BEng in Computer Engineering
BEng in Computer Science
Major in Computer Science
Major in Decision Analytics
Major in Risk Management
Major in Statistics
Minor in Computer Science
Minor in Risk Management
Minor in Statistics

Full set of regulations and syllabus of BEng in Engineering Science – Computing and Data Analytics programme, which comprises 240 credits, is available at the homepage of the Faculty of Engineering:


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