CS Past Theses
Master of Philosophy (2012)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
CHENG LuweiC.L. Wang
Network Performance Isolation for Virtual Machines
HO Sze LokC.K. Hui
Technical Solution to Conduct Investigation in Digital Age
JIN YifanC.K. Cheng
C.M. Kao
A Filter-based Protocol for Continuous Queries over Imprecise Location Data
KONG ChenguangC. Wu
V.O.K. Li
Collaborative Streaming in Mobile Social Networks
LAI Yiu MingK.P. Chow
C.K. Hui
Automatic identification of hot topics and user clusters from online discussion forum
LI MingfeiT.H.H. Chan
Sparse Representation and Fast Processing of Massive Data
LI XiangC.K. Cheng
D.W.L. Cheung
Managing Query Quality in Probabilistic Databases
SUN HongxianC. Wu
Modeling Information Diffusion in Social Networks
WANG RuiK.P. Chan
W. Wang
Medial Axis Simplification based on Global Geodesic Slope and Accumulated Hyperbotic Distance
YU JunjieF.Y.L. Chin
Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction with Protein Linkage
ZHANG LinquanC. Wu
F.C.M. Lau
Move My Data to the Cloud: an Online Cost-Minimizing Approach
ZHANG PeiwuN. Mamoulis
C.K. Cheng
Voronoi-based Nearest Neighbor Search for Multi-Dimensional Uncertain Databases
ZHOU HaoK.K.Y. Wong
An Efficient Algorithm for Face Sketch Synthesis Using Markov Weight Fields and Cascade Decomposition Method
Doctor of Philosophy (2012)
GraduateSupervisor(s)Thesis Titles
CAO LiW. Wang
Interactive Network Rendering based on Textured Depth Map Re-projection
CHEN ZhihuK.K.Y. Wong
3D Shape Recovery under Multiple Viewpoints and Single Viewpoint
HE YijunC.K. Hui
Protecting Security in Cloud and Other Distributed Environments
LAM King TinC.L. Wang
Efficient Shared Object Space Support for Distributed Java Virtual Machine
LI HongxingF.C.M. Lau
C. Wu
Optimal Data Dissemination in Stochastic and Arbitrary Wireless Networks
LI JingN. Mamoulis
Advanced Spatial Queries with Textual and Social Components
LI YufeiW. Wang
A Study on Surface and Volume Tiling for Geometric Modeling
LING RuotianW. Wang
Methods for Generating Meshes with Sharp Features
LIU MiaomiaoK.K.Y. Wong
Pose Estimation from Reflections for Specular Surface Recovery
PAN GuodongK.K.Y. Wong
Motion Segmentation by Adaptive Mode Seeking and Clustering Consensus
SHANG LifengK.P. Chan
Facial Expression Analysis with Graphical Models
SUN FengW. Wang
Shape-preserving Meshes and Generalized Morse-Smale Complexes
XIE XikeC.K. Cheng
Evaluating Nearest Neighbor Queries over Uncertain Databases
YU Kin YingC.K. Hui
Efficient Schemes for Anonymous Credential with Reputation Support
ZHANG PingC.K. Hui
Secure Multi-Party Protocol using Modern Crytographic Technique and Tamper Resistant Hardware