Department Overview (PDF/PPT)

Research Groups

Research Group Message to Students Research Contributions
Prof. T.W. Lam (Algorithms, Bioinformatics)
Dr. H.T.H. Chan (Algorithms, Theory)
Dr. G. Chiribella (Quantum Information and Foundations)
Dr. Z. Huang (Algorithmic Game Theory, Online Algorithms,
                        Differential Privacy)
Dr. B. Oliveira (Programming Languages, Functional Programming,
                          Object-Oriented Programming)
Dr. H.F. Ting (Algorithms, Bioinformatics)
Dr. S.M. Yiu (Bioinformatics)

Dr. R.C.K. Cheng
Prof. B.C.M. Kao
Prof. W. Wang
Dr. K.P. Chan
Dr. K.K.Y. Wong
Prof. Y.Z. Yu
Dr. K.P. Chow
Dr. S.M. Yiu
Prof. F.C.M. Lau
Prof. C.L. Wang
Dr. H. Cui
Dr. C. Wu
[PDF] (by Prof. Lau)
[PDF/PPT] (by Prof. Wang)