Minor in Computer Science (Note1)

The Department of Computer Science has a long tradition of offering IT courses to students of other departments.  To declare a “Minor in Computer Science”, students are required to pass 2 core courses and at least 4 elective courses in computer science.  All these courses are of 6 credits. They will be taught in a single semester with 3 hours of lectures per week.  Assessment of each course is based on a three-hour written examination and continuous assessment.

Students are also welcome to take any of the following courses as free electives..

Core Courses

Elective Courses (Note3)

Note1 This minor option is not available for BEng(CE) and BEng(CompSc) students.

Note2 BEng students who have completed ENGG1002 Computer programming and applications are deemed to have completed CSIS1117 Computer programming I, they are required to complete one more elective in Computer Science as replacement (i.e. a total of 30 credits).

Note3 Course enrollment in elective courses is subject to the approval of the Department of Computer Science, in consideration of class quota and other academic issues.


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