Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology [BASc(FinTech)]

JUPAS Code: 6248 (subject to approval)

Summary of Curriculum Structure

The curriculum comprises 240 credits of courses as follows:

Course Categories No. of credits
UG5 Requirements 36
BASc Requirements 18
Discipline Core Courses 54
Discipline Elective Courses 30
Capstone Experience 12
Electives 90
Total 240

A Discipline Core course is a compulsory course which a candidate must pass in the manner provided for in the Regulations.

A Discipline Elective course refers to any course offered by the Faculty of Engineering or the Faculty of Business and Economics for the fulfillment of the curriculum requirements of the degree of BASc in Financial Technology that are not classified as discipline core course.

More Details

UG 5 Requirements
(36 credits)
  • Technical English for computer science
  • Practical Chinese for Engineering Students
  • Four University Common Core Courses*
BASc Requirements (18 credits)
Discipline Core Courses
(54 credits)
  • Computer programming I
  • Object-oriented programming and data structures
  • Introduction to financial technologies
  • Linear algebra, probability and statistics
  • Introductory statistics
  • Introduction to financial accounting
  • Introductory microeconomics
  • Corporate finance
  • Regulation of financial markets
Discipline Elective Courses
(30 credits)
One course from the following list:
  • Introduction to information technology law
  • Alternative Finance
  • Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (LITE)
  • Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (LITE) Internship
Four courses from the following list:
  • Machine learning / Artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • Modern technologies on World Wide Web
  • Cyber security
  • Investments and portfolio analysis
  • Derivatives
  • Mathematical finance
  • Regulatory and operational issues in finance
  • Natural language processing and text analytics in finance
  • Big data and data mining
  • Distributed ledger and blockchain
  • E-payment and crypto-currency
  • Introduction of English linguistics
  • English corpus linguistics
  • Introduction to quantitative methods in psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
Capstone Experience
(12 credits)
  • Project
Elective Courses
(90 credits)
Any courses except Common Core Courses.

* Students have to complete 24 credits of courses in the Common Core Curriculum, comprising at least one course from each Area of Inquiry during the whole period of study.

Degree Classification

The degree of Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology shall be awarded in five divisions in accordance with FITE 15 of the Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology and UG 9 of the Regulations for First Degree Curricula.