FAQ about JUPAS Admission

What is the BEng(CompSc) JUPAS code?

6963 BENG
This is the JUPAS code for the Engineering Common Admissions.

How many places are there in your programme?

We are under the new common admissions scheme, the quota for Bachelor of Engineering (JUPAS code: 6963) will be around 444.
Commencing from 2012-13, a quota of 120 will be imposed for BEng programmes offered by each department of the Faculty of Engineering. Students can choose their desired study programme after their first year of study, on the basis of academic performance.

How is BEng(CompSc) offered by HKU different from the CS programmes offered by other universities in HK?

The Department of Computer Science offers a flagship programme, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, with the following distinctive features:

What is the difference between BEng/BBA 6963 and BBA(IS)/BEng(CompSc) 6793?

For 6963, you will obtain a BEng degree after completing the first four years of study with some required business courses. By taking an additional year of study on a self-financed basis, you will be awarded a second degree in BBA. For 6793, you will do it in the reverse order, i.e., you will obtain a BBA degree first after the first 4 years, and then the BEng degree after the 5th year.

If I have questions about admission, who should I contact?

The best way is to send an email to enquiry@cs.hku.hk, and our Department will give you a reply within a few days.

What are the admission requirements of the BEng(CompSc) programme?

University Entrance Requirements with

English Language Level 3
Chinese Language Level 3
Mathematics Level 3
Liberal Studies Level 2
Two Elective Subjects Level 3
One of the electives must be Physics or Combined Science with Physics components
Math (M1 / M2) Level 3 (Preferred but not required)

On interviews:

Who will be invited for interviews?

Band A applicants will be invited to our interview.

When will the interviews be held?

The interviews will be held after the HKDSE examinations and before the release of the HKDSE results.

How will the interviews be conducted?

Applicants will be interviewed in small group or individually in English for approximately 20 minutes.

Will interview contribute bonus admission scores?

Bonus points will be awarded to applicants with good performance in the interviews.

On career prospects:

What are the career prospects of BEng(CompSc) graduates?

Excellent job market. Many IT companies do not have enough supply of young talents. The financial market in Hong Kong demands a lot of IT professionals to develop products and services for the industry. Global IT companies require large number of technical staff to develop and support the market in China. Many public and private companies require the service of IT professionals in their businesses. Please refer to the statistics on the employment situation of our past graduates.

What are the opportunities of further education for BEng(CompSc) graduates?

BEng(CompSc) graduates with good standing will have an advantage in applying to our highly competitive MPhil/PhD research postgraduate programmes. The Department also offers two taught postgraduate programmes - MSc in Computer Science and MSc in E-Commerce & Internet Computing. Many of our past graduates further their studies in the world’s top institutions such as Princeton, Stanford, Cornell, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.

On the curriculum:

What are the minor programmes we can enrol in?

Students can opt for and graduate with a minor in another discipline. Students have to take 6 to 8 courses to satisfy the requirements of a minor offered by the following faculties:

  • Arts
  • Business and Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
What are the second major programmes we can enrol in?

Students can opt for and graduate with second major in an area outside this degree curriculum, by selecting the appropriate courses to satisfy one of the second major programmes offered.

  • Arts
  • Business and Economics
  • Education
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
Are there opportunities for internship or overseas exchange?

Yes. Other than the required industrial training in the summer following Year 3, students may opt to participate in other internship programmes available at Departmental and Faculty level.
Students may apply for exchange to a foreign university for study or internship for one year or a semester. Credits earned can be transferred back to HKU to satisfy graduation requirements.