Second Major in Computer Science

Computer science is a young but fast growing discipline. Its importance is evident in the profound impact that the use of computers has on our everyday life. Computer science education is now as indispensable as any of the traditional programmes in any established world-renowned university. This Major in Computer Science provides students with a substantial foundation in key computer science subject areas and modern software technologies. On completion of this 2nd Major, students will be well-equipped with both basic and advanced knowledge in computer science, which aims to better prepare students to launch their career in the IT industry and/or to pursue postgraduate studies in Computer Science in the future.

Minimum Entry Requirement:

  1. Grade E or above in AL Pure Mathematics or Applied Mathematics; or
  2. Grade D or above in AS Mathematics & Statistics or Applied Mathematics; or
  3. Grade C or above in HKCEE Additional Mathematics; or
  4. Grade C or above in HKCEE Mathematics and grade E or above in Additional Mathematics.

Minimum Credit Requirement:

72 credits (36 credits of core courses, 36 credits of electives)*
*no capstone requirement

Impermissible Combination:

Minor in Computer Science

Required courses (72 credits) Credits
1. Core courses (36 credits)
CSIS1117 Computer Programming  I 6
CSIS1118 Foundations of Computer Science(Note 1) 6
Computer Programming II

Programming technologies and tools

CSIS1119 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms 6
CSIS1120 Computer Organization 6
CSIS0278 Introduction to Database Management Systems 6
2. Electives (36 credits)Note 2
CSIS0230 Principles of Operating Systems 6
CSIS0231 Computer architecture 6
CSIS0234 Computer and Communication Networks 6
CSIS0235 Compiling techniques 6
CSIS0250 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 6
CSIS0259 Principles of programming languages 6
CSIS0270 Artificial Intelligence 6
CSIS0271 Computer Graphics 6
CSIS0293 Introduction to Theory of Computation 6
CSIS0297 Introduction to Software Engineering 6
CSIS0311 Legal Aspects of Computing 6
CSIS0314 Machine Learning 6
CSIS0315 Multimedia Computing and Applications 6
CSIS0317 Computer Vision 6
CSIS0320 Electronic Commerce Technology 6
CSIS0322 Modern technologies on World Wide Web 6
CSIS0323 Advanced database systems 6
CSIS0327 Computer and Network Security 6
CSIS0328 Wireless and mobile communication 6
CSIS0329 Computer game design and programming 6
CSIS0351 Advanced algorithm analysis 6
CSIS0396 Object-oriented Programming and Java 6
CSIS0402 System architecture and distributed computing 6
CSIS0403 Implementation, testing and maintenance of software systems 6
CSIS0404 Software quality and project management 6
CSIS0407 Scientific computing 6
CSIS2258 Functional programming 6
CSIS3316 Quantum Information and Computation 6
CSIS3330 Interactive mobile application design and programming 6
Prerequisite dependency of the CS courses.

Note 1
Students whose first major is Mathematics may be granted waiver of CSIS1118, upon application, on the condition that students are required to complete one more elective in Computer Science as replacement. Students who have completed MATH2600 Discrete mathematics are deemed to have completed CSIS1118, they are not permitted to take CSIS1118 and are required to complete one more elective in Computer Science.

Note 2
Course enrollment in elective courses is subject to the approval of the Department of Computer Science, in consideration of class quota and other academic issues.

Course descriptions are available in the syllabus for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and the homepage of the Department of Computer Science (

Important! Ultimate responsibility rests with students to ensure that the required pre-requisites and co-requisite of selected courses are fulfilled. Students must take and pass all required courses in the selected major or/and minor in order to satisfy the degree graduation requirements.


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