Prize Students Supervisor Project

2017-2018 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Cheung Casado Sheng Leung
Joshi Abhinav
Dr. Loretta Choi Multi-Player Virtual Reality with Force Feedback
1st Runner-up Bhattacharjee Sourav
Jain Rachit
Kabara Kanak Dipak
Dr. Dirk Schnieders Drifting Car using Machine Learning
2nd Runner-up Man Ting-chun Matthew
Yeung Ching Chun
Dr. T W Chim An online food catalogue based on open crowd sourcing
3rd Runner-ups Kang Yunfan Dr. Reynold Cheng C-Explorer: Browsing Communities in Large Graphs
Ho Kwan Kit Dr. Vincent Lau VR/MR Simulation

2016-2017 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Cao Chao
Hu ShengJie
Prof. W. Wang Deep-learned Pedestrian Avoidance for Robot Navigation
1st Runner-up Chau Shing Yi
Nip Chi Fung
Dr. T.W. Chim A navigation system for wheel chair users
(Group 3)
2nd Runner-up Law Chor Hon Dr. Y.K. Choi Sensor Controlled Robotic Hand with Haptic Feedback
3rd Runner-ups Chen Jiali
Zhang Ying
Dr H.T.H. Chan Hypergraph Edge Expansion and Diffusion Processes
Mok Ho Ting
Tseng Tsz Wa
Dr. T.W. Chim A navigation system for wheel chair users
(Group 2)

2015-2016 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Huang Yukun Prof. T.W. Lam Gene Targeted Metagenomic Assembly
1st Runner-up Yu Kaicheng
Zheng Zhaomin
Dr. K.K.Y. Wong A mobile app for visualizing 4D echocardiogram
2nd Runner-up Cai Lingfeng Prof. Y.Z. Yu Seamless Image Edting
3rd Runner-ups Lau Pui Lam
Lo Ming Fai
Wong Vinny
You Dongguang
Dr. R.C.K. Cheng A Mobile and Intelligent Student Interview System for HKUCS
Lam Ka Fun Gavin Prof. F.C.M. Lau Programming an intelligent watch

2014-2015 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Lai Chak Yui
Lee Siu Man
Ng Siu Lung
Yip Sit Wun
Dr. A.T.C. Tam
Mr. D. Lee
Implementation of An Intelligent Hexapod Robot
1st Runner-up Lin Haibin Prof. B.C.M. Kao SecureDB - A Secure Query Processing System in the Cloud
2nd Runner-up Agarwal Suyash
Gupta Arpit Brij
Sengupta Debopam
Sharma Yatharth
Dr. V. Lau Smartphone accessories creation platform
3rd Runner-ups Chow Tsz Wun
Low Hau Sum
Mok Ka Hei
Dr. C.K. Chui An eLearning platform for distanced collaborative programming
Lui Kwan Lok
Tsang Wai Chun
Yip Chi Kit
Dr V. Lau Daily application for wearable device

2013-2014 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Bi Sai Prof. Y.Z. Yu Person ReIdentification and Face Alignment
1st Runner-up Tang Casey Wing-yan
Wong Cheuk Hang
Fu Chun Wai
Dr C. Wu An Easy-to-Use Mobile System for Taxi Calling
2nd Runner-up Toemali Yonatan Nugraha
Chandra Wilson
Prof. F.C.M. Lau A personal dropbox
3rd Runner-ups Fung Ying Wa
Chan Chun Pong
Szeto Wing Yan
Cheung Chan Teng
Dr V. Lau Educational software with interactive robot platform
Lam Chun Wai
Wong Po Shing
Cheung Chun Yuen
Dr V. Lau New idea for robot

2012-2013 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Ng Sui Sang
Lui Ho Kuen
Pa Tat Ki
Dr. L.Y. Wei Realistic Image Synthesis via Ray Tracing #1
1st Runner-up Chan Ka Kit
Cheng Ka Chun
Leung Chun Ho
Yu Charlene Cheuk Lam
Dr. C.K. Chui Kinect in Physiotherapy
2nd Runner-up Suen Wai Chit Alvin
Wong Man Tsung
Dr. W.W. Tsang Development of a Multiplayer Online Game #2
3rd Runner-ups Law Wai Chun
Yeung Cheuk Yu
Dr. S.M. Yiu Distributed Blackbox in VANET
Fong Chun Sing
Leung Sui Lun
Dr. L.C.K. Hui Security Infrastructure in an Integrated Hardware and Software Environment #2

2011-2012 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Lam Wan Yin
Lam Harry To Chun
Lee San Tai
Li Ka Yau
Dr. S.M. Yiu A Secure Mobile System to Support Citizen Journalism
1st Runner-up Ho Chung Yin Billy
Ma Cheuk Kiu
Ngai Ka Kit
Dr. K.K.Y. Wong Intelligent Mirror for Augmented Fitting Room Using Kinect
2nd Runner-up Fang Yimai Prof. F.Y.L. Chin Bin Packing with Limited Item Types

2010-2011 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Chau Kei Man
Lau Ka Wai
Lau Si Kit
Li Tang
Dr. C.K. Cheng An Intelligent Mobile Transport System
1st Runner-up Kau Chun Kit
Lo Ho Nam
Loi Wai Hong
Dr. V.M.K. Lau Mobile Text Translation Based on Camera
2nd Runner-ups Chan Ming Lung
Chung Yiu Chau
Wu Yiu Wan
Dr. C.L. Yip Accelerometer-based iPhone App
Tong Man Ho
Yeung Wai Wing
Dr. L.C.K. Hui Protecting Data Security and Privacy (Groups 1 and 5)

2009-2010 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Cheung Wing Yan Dr. S.M. Yiu Algorithms for structural alignments
1st Runner-up Chan Hao
Hui Yan Ting
Lau Chi Ho
Li Man Ho
Dr. C.K. Cheng Energy-aware location-based services
2nd Runner-up Cheng Lee Prof. F.C.M. Lau Check-My-Play! for the piano

2008-2009 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Leung Sze Ki
Hung Hing Cheong
Yuen Wai Hung
Prof. F. Lau New Web-based Media or Social Entertainment Platform
1st Runner-up Pang Kai On
Yung Ka Wai
Dr. W.S. Ho Analyzing Stock Quotes
2nd Runner-up Liu Ki Pan
Hui Hing
Ngao Yau Tak
Dr. C.L. Wang Smart Lecture Room

2007-2008 CS Projects [photos]

Champion Tay Jeremy Kheng Siang Prof. F. Lau Load Balancing Xen [presentation]
1st Runner-up Lai King Cheuk
Ying Chun Ching
Dr. K.K.Y. Wong Anti-tailgating [presentation]
2nd Runner-up Chan Wing Ip Mr. V. Lau Mobile phone assistant for Blind

2006-2007 CS Projects

Champion Lai Kwok Fai Dr. H.F. Ting Studies on Streaming Algorithms
1st Runner-up Wu Man Kit Edward Dr. K.W. Chong LABi: Programming Lab Assistant
2nd Runner-up Chan Kinson Dr. A.T.C. Tam S++ (C++ Services on *nix)

2005-2006 CS Projects

Champion Chiu Wai Ka, Li Cheuk Man,
Pang Damien
Dr. Q. Huo Development of a Software for Learning to Write Chinese Characters on Tablet PC
1st Runner-up Li Man Wai, Tang Yin Tung Dr. C.L. Yip Video Aircraft Motion Detection for Jet Blast Identification
2nd Runner-up Liu Chi Man Prof. T.W. Lam Atomic selfish routing [presentation]

2005-2006 SE Projects

Champion Chan Wing Chi, Kwan Wing Shing, Tai Kwok Fung, Wang Ping,
Yik Ping Hang
Mr. G. Mitcheson/
Prof. D.W.L. Cheung
HeatMap on .NET
1st Runner-up Hui Man Wai, Lai Pui Chung,
Lam Pak Shu, Wong Wing Sze, Zhang Yixin
Mr. G. Mitcheson/
Prof. D.W.L. Cheung
Magna Search
2nd Runner-up Cheung Ching Hin, Chiu Ho Yeung, Law Cheuk Wun, Liu Kwun Loy, Wan Pok Man Mr. G. Mitcheson/
Prof. D.W.L. Cheung
Database Load Balancing System

2004-2005 CSIS Projects

Champion Chu Kai Yat, Ng Wang Fai,
Tsui King Yu
Dr. C.L. Yip Discovering Weather Systems on Numerical Models Using Data Mining
1st Runner-up Chan Kok Him, Chan Yu Hin,
Wong Wai Kit, Yim Kai Cheung
Prof. D.W.L. Cheung An XML Business Document Management System for ebXML
2nd Runner-up Lee Kwo Fung, Mak Kin Sum,
Mak Kin Wah, Tang Wai Hung
Prof. D.W.L. Cheung XML-based Universal Business Language Software Package

2004-2005 SE Projects

Champion Lau Wing Hung, Leung Pui Yi,
Lo Chui Yee, Tang Siu Hang,
Yeung King Yi
Mr. G. Mitcheson/
Prof. D.W.L. Cheung
Adaptive System Performance Patrol
1st Runner-up Au Ka Wing Kevin, Chan Ka Hing, Mok Wai Shan, Tsang Cheuk Fung, Wong Ka Shing Mr. G. Mitcheson/
Prof. D.W.L. Cheung
Location Tracking System
2nd Runner-up Shuk Ching, Lo Wan Chi,
Luk Wai See, Wong Lok,
Yau Hay Man Karen
Mr. G. Mitcheson/
Prof. D.W.L. Cheung
The Phisherman


Champion Yik Kwong Lim, Li Kwok Leung, Cheung Lin, Sung Lik Gan Alex Prof. D.W.L. Cheung Web Services Reliability Messaging Server
1st Runner-up Lau Mak Ham John,
Ho Sin Hang Brian
Dr. K.K.Y. Wong Bull's Eye
2nd Runner-up Tang Pui Ying, Lau Chi Lik,
Ng Ying Fan,
Li Hoi Ling Eudora Dorathy,
Ng Wing See
Dr. C.L. Wang Multiplayer Internet Game using Multi-Server Architecture
3rd Runner-up Yau Chor Wing, Chan Ka Ming,
Lai Ka Ying
Dr. K.P. Chan Example-based Machine Translation Systems
3rd Runner-up Tang Cheuk Wai Anthony,
Chu Wing Kit, Loong Man Tsun
Dr. N. Mamoulis Forecasting Winds in Hong Kong during Tropical Cyclone Situations


Champion Yau Angela Chi Yan, Wong Ka Yan, Tam Sze Wing Dr. C.L. Yip Where's the eye
1st Runner-up Poon Ka Wing Kevin, Liu Wai Kuen, Kuan Kam Sing Steve,
Ho Jeffrey Chun Fai
Mr. G. Mitcheson APE Menu System Testing: A Test Configuration and Management Tool
2nd Runner-up Suo Jingji, Ng Sze Lung,
Ma Chi Ho Denny, Leung Shun Kit, Lee Hoi Sing
Dr. C.L. Wang Virtual Reality over Internet
2nd Runner-up Lai Chi Lam, Kwok Sheung Yin, Chiu Tak Cheong Dr. K.W. Chong Linux Game Development
2nd Runner-up Yiu Hon Lam, Choi Chi Man,
Chan Kai Tung
Dr. N. Mamoulis Mining Frequent Patterns in XML documents