May 15, 2019

Musical Instrument Design Competition by HKU Engineering & ATEC

Over 400 students from local primary and secondary schools together with their teachers and parents all gathered at the School Hall of Queen Elizabeth School on May 11, 2019 (Saturday) to participate in the Concert, Project Exhibition and Presentation for Judging, and Award Presentation Ceremony of the "Musical Instrument Design Competition" which was jointly organized by the Faculty of Engineering of HKU and the Arts & Technology Education Centre (ATEC).

The event is a major episode of the "Science & Engineering of Music" project funded by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Fund. The project is led by Professor Francis C.M. Lau from the Department of Computer Science, with Dr. Beta C.L. Yip and Dr. Ivy K.Y. Wong as core members.

48 teams showcased their own designs of musical instrument at the concert and exhibition to compete for championship and a number of awards on the Most Innovative Musical Instrument, the Most Attractive Musical Instrument, the Best Presentation, Outstanding Performance, and My Favourite Musical Instrument, etc. The students also have a chance to show off their musical skills by performing with their finished product in a live session.

Dr. Beta C.L. Yip, a judge of the junior school category, is delighted to see students having fun in making music using the instruments they created, and learning something about science and engineering during the process.

Professor Francis C. M. Lau, the Principal Investigator of the project, is very much impressed by the creativity of the students as shown in the competition.

Click here for the list of winners and photos at the ceremony. For more information, please visit the Facebook page of the competition and read the press release by HKU.