October 20, 2017

CSA x ISA Open Data HACKATHON 2017

Two student associations, the Computer Science Association (CSA) and Information Systems Association (ISA), jointly organized an open data hackathon on October 14, 2017 at HKU. Thirty-four students in 9 teams participated in the event to turn ideas into reality in 12 hours.

Champion went to Lam Fong Pui, Shubhankar Agrawal, Tarun Sudhams, Devang Maskara and Sudhakar Shah; first runner-up to Au Wing Hing, So Wing Shing and Mo Cheuk Yin; and second runner-up to Utkarsh Goel, Divyansh Singh, Lakhani Amsal Murad and Muhammad Ali Farooqi.

Professor Renato Iannella, a Visiting Professor of the Department, was also invited to the event to talk about Open Data.