November 3, 2016

"Save the Pumpkin" VR Game at HKU Information Day 2016

A virtual reality (VR) game named "Save the Pumpkin" attracted hundreds of visitors to test-play at the HKU Information Day held on October 29, 2016. This multi-player game was developed by a group of undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Department of Computer Science at HKU in just four months' time. In this game, various virtual reality, mixed reality and sensing technologies such as HTC Vive and Leap Motion are integrated so that multiple players can experience an immersive and interactive environment at the same time.

Dr. Loretta Choi, who was in charge of this hands-on game, presented information regarding the making of this game to the queuing visitors. Also showing at the game booth was a trailer of this game produced by Miss Serena Wang. A blinking pumpkin pin which was decorated with a "HKUCS" tag made by 3D printing was awarded to each player who could successfully "Save the Pumpkin".

The Development Team of "Save the Pumpkin" comprised of three MSc(CS) students, Ms. Zhuoying Zhang, Mr. Qinkai Yang and Mr. Jiaming Xie, two BEng(CS) students, Mr. Chi Ho Tam and Mr. Ka Kit Cheung, and a summer intern, Ms Serena Wang.