June 1, 2016

Hong Kong Workshop on Quantum Information and Foundations

Quantum Information Science promises a revolution in all areas of information technology, with applications ranging from secure communication to ultrafast computers, and with deep implications for the foundations of physics and computer science. On May 4-7 2016, the HKU Computer Science Department hosted the “Hong Kong Workshop on Quantum Information and Foundations”, featuring lectures from world-leading pioneers in the field such as Alexander Holevo (Shannon Award 2016) and Umesh Vazirani (Fulkerson Prize 2012). The full program is available at http://qsit.weebly.com/

The event has been attended by participants from Hong Kong, mainland China, and overseas. offering an exciting picture of the growing area of quantum information in Hong Kong and internationally.

The workshop has been organized by Dr. Giulio Chiribella (HKU CS, Chair of Organizing Committee), Prof. Hoi-Fung Chau (HKU Physics), and Dr. Raymond Sze (PolyU Applied Math), with sponsorships from the Foundational Question Institute (FQXi), the HKU Computer Science Department, the Research Grant Council (RGC), and from Journal of Physics A (IOP, Institute of Physics).