May 25, 2016

Award Presentation Ceremony for the Invention for Schools Contest

Winners of the Invention for School Contest all gathered at the award presentation ceremony held on May 21 (Saturday) at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Professor Norman Tien, Dean of Engineering, Professor Francis C.M. Lau, Associate Dean of Engineering, and Mr. K.M. Tse, Asia Pacific Technical Manager of RS Components Ltd addressed the ceremony and presented awards to the winners.

This contest, which was organized by the Faculty of Engineering, was a major episode of the "Programming Creations for Schools" project led by Professor Francis C.M. Lau from the Department of Computer Science, with Dr. Beta C.L. Yip and Dr. Ivy K.Y. Wong as core members. This project was funded by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Fund and supported by RS Components Ltd.

Over a hundred students from primary 2 to secondary 5 joined this contest, and they were required to use credit card-sized computers to make inventions that could be turned into useful applications in their schools to compete for awards.

Dr. Ivy K.Y. Wong, one of the judges of the primary school category, appreciates the effort made by students. The use of credit card-sized computers allows students to learn the basics of computer programming and electronics to make their own electronic devices easily.

Dr. Beta C.L. Yip, a judge of the secondary school category said that contemporary innovations invariably requires software-hardware integration, and students have demonstrated their potential as future innovators by putting together sensors, lights, buzzers, and motors to credit-sized computers and programming it to create their inventions.

Professor Francis C. M. Lau, the Principal Investigator of the project, appreciates the creativity demonstrated by students in using credit card-sized computers to make a wide variety of practical inventions for their schools.

The list of winners and photos at the ceremony can be downloaded at:

The photos of the Award Presentation Ceremony can be found at the Facebook page of the competition:

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