December 14, 2015

MSc(CS) Graduation Dinner 2015 and My Favourite Teachers Election

Graduates of Class 2015 of the MSc(CompSc) programme celebrated and shared their joy of achievement with the teaching and programme office staff at the Graduation Dinner held on December 1, 2015. Moreover, Dr. T.W. Chim, Dr. Dirk Schnieders and Professor C.L. Wang were elected as the Top 3 "My Favourite Teachers" at the dinner by 94 graduates.

Let's congratulate our MSc(CompSc) graduates for their accomplishments and extend our gratitude to Dr. Chim, Dr. Schnieders and Professor Wang for their excellent teaching. Special thanks to Zhang Tianyi and Wan Yilun for representing Class 2015 as the MCs of the dinner.