November 10, 2015

HK Hackathon 2015 Winning Team was Crowned Champion at AngelHack Global Demo Day in San Francisco

The Global Championship, Best Startup Award and Best FinTech Award of AngelHack 2015 Global Demo Day went to a project team named "Plain Exchange" from Hong Kong, which comprised of Lillian Tam, a MSc(EComIComp) graduate, Moin Qidwai, a BEng(CompSc) final year student, and four other members.

The team first got the championship at the Hong Kong Angelhack Hackathon 2015, then joined a 12-week HACKcelerator program, and was selected as one of the 22 startup finalists to participate in a week of extensive pitch training before presenting in front of 100+ investors at the Angelhack Global Demo Day in San Francisco.

Their project, named "Peer to Peer Currency Exchange", is about creating a mesh network which enables users to trade currencies with each other in environments with no internet (airplane, train etc).