October 19, 2015

Article by Prof. T.H. Tse and Others is Selected as the Spotlight Paper of the Current Issue of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing

IEEE Transactions on Services Computing is a leading journal that "focuses on research on the algorithmic, mathematical, statistical and computational methods that are central in services computing". Its ISI impact factor is 3.049.

A subcommittee chaired by Prof. Michael Goul is commissioned to select one spotlight paper for each issue of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing. The article entitled "Preemptive regression testing of workflow-based web services" by Lijun Mei, W.K. Chan, T.H. Tse, Bo Jiang, and Ke Zhai has been selected as the spotlight paper of the September/October 2015 issue.

T.H. Tse is an honorary professor in our department after retiring from his full professorship in July 2014. Lijun Mei, W.K. Chan, Bo Jiang, and Ke Zhai were PhD graduates from our department. Mei is with IBM Research – China, Chan is with City University of Hong Kong, Jiang is with Beihang University, China, and Zhai is with Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong.