May 8, 2015

Sea Level Measurement Device Design Competition - Exhibition & Award Presentation Ceremony

More than 500 people including teachers, parents, students and the general public participated in the Exhibition and Award Presentation Ceremony for the "Sea Level Measurement Device Design Competition", which was jointly organized by the Faculty of Engineering, the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) and the Hong Kong Meteorological Society (HKMetSoc), held at Loke Yew Hall of HKU on May 3, 2015.

This event is a major episode of the "Sea Level Measurement Device for Everyone" project which is funded by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Fund. This project is led by Professor Francis C.M. Lau from the Department of Computer Science, with Dr. Beta C.L. Yip and Dr. Ivy K.Y. Wong as core members.

28 teams of students from Primary 4 to Secondary 6 (including ethnic minority students) from primary, secondary and international schools in Hong Kong showcased their own designs of sea level measurement devices at the 4.5-hour exhibition to compete for a number of awards.

A series of engineering and meteorological workshops, talks and visits were organised in November to December 2014 for the contestants so that they could have some basic knowledge on various sea level measurement methods, which enabled them to create their own innovative, accurate and attractive sea level measurement devices.

Let's read the comments made by the project leader and the guests-of-honour at the award presentation ceremony.

Professor Francis C.M. Lau, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Engineering:
"The devices created by the students are both aesthetically pleasing and technically well-integrated. Their display of technical and presentation skills show that they are future engineers and scientists that Hong Kong and the world can depend on."

Miss Sharon S.Y. Lau, Assistant Director of Hong Kong Observatory:
"Given the challenges in sea level measurement which are new to the students, the students should be applauded for their creativity and enthusiasm in coming up with so many new designs for the devices within just a few months that are both practical and reliable."

Dr. P.W. Li, Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Meteorological Society:
"The judges are very much impressed by the creativity of the students shown in the competition. Some of the devices, after appropriate tuning and polishing, may have the potential to be turned into practical instruments suitable for real life operations. The judges are really proud of the efforts made by these Hong Kong students."

Please click here for the list of awardees and more information regarding this competition.