March 17, 2014

Barrier-Free School Wins Major Awards in Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2013

The Barrier-Free School project proposed by a joint university team in which Wen-Yi Tsao, a student of MSc(ECom/IComp), is a member, has won the Championship, the Best Social Mission Award, and the Best Presentation Award in Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2013 organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship of CUHK. There were hundreds of entries this year, and it is the first time that one single team wins all the major awards in the eight-year history of the competition.

The Barrier-Free School is a project that integrates knowledge exchange and community service. Its core members consist of students from The University of Hong Kong and Baptist University of Hong Kong. It is associated with the Accessible IT Development Association (AIDA), a newly established non-government organization cum social enterprise that aims to provide training and job opportunities to people with a disability. AIDA teams up with major NGOs that provide rehabilitation services.