January 20, 2014

MPhil Graduate Receives Li Ka Shing Prize

Mr. Zhang Linquan, a former MPhil student under the co-supervision of Dr. Wu Chuan and Prof. Francis Lau, received the 2011-2012 Li Ka Shing Prize for Best MPhil Thesis in the Faculties of Dentistry, Engineering, Medicine and Science in an award presentation ceremony held on December 8, 2013. This is the top prize awarded to an MPhil graduate by HKU, and only two awardees are selected from among all the MPhil graduates across the entire university each year. Linquan's thesis is entitled "Move My Data to the Cloud: an Online Cost-Minimizing Approach", which has subsequently led to the publication of several papers that appeared in top venues in the field of networking. Linquan is now pursuing a PhD degree in computer science at the University of Calgary, Canada.