Editing in CS dept Webpage

Guideline for editing page in department web site (Front End):

(click here for video guideline)

  1. Click LOGIN button on the right hand side of menu.
  2. Login with your CS account

  3. Browse to the news page in CS web site (https://www.cs.hku.hk/hku-scf-academy-news)

  4. Click on the profile, a front end editor will appear, (If the front end editor no appear, and the "Pen" icon on the right not turn blue, please click it and enable it.)

    edit profile 3 1
  5. Modify the content you want

  6. Click close after editing.

  7. Click LOGOUTbutton on the right hand side of menu.


Guideline for editing page in department web site (Back End):

1. Login with your CS account and Password via (https://www.cs.hku.hk/administrator/)

edit profile 7

2. After login , please click Content > Articles at the top menu bar.

edit profile 8

3. Select the Articles you want to edit, in this example, "Latest news of HKU-SCF FinTech Academy" will be used. Type "Latest" in the search box to search, and click the Articles title to access the edit page.

edit profile 9

4. Upload Image

4.1 In edit Article view, you can click Insert / Edit Image button to insert or upload images.

edit profile 10

4.2. Click Upload button, Click Browse button and select the image file you want to upload

edit profile 12

4.3. Click Upload

edit profile 13

4.4. Click the image file you have just uploaded, and then click Insert 

edit profile 14

5. For upload files, similar to upload images

5.1 Click Insert / Edit Link 

edit profile 15

5.2 Click Browse

edit profile 16

5.3 Click Upload at the right top corner

edit profile 17

5.4 Click Browse to select file and click Upload to upload file

edit profile 18

5.5. After uploaded, click Insert at the right bottom corner

edit profile 19

5.6 Input the file link text, and then click Insert.

edit profile 20


6. After complete the editing, click Save & Close at the top left corner to save it.

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