November 9, 2018

HKU and Berkeley shared 2nd in Chengdu 80, a FinTech Design and Development Competition

A team of 6 members comprising one PhD candidate and five BEng(CompSc) students from the Department of Computer Science came 2nd in a FinTech Design and Development Competition named "Chengdu 80" held from Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2018 in Chengdu.

Chengdu 80 is a FinTech design and development competition organized by CDAR (Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk, jointly set up by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (西南財經大學) and UC Berkeley). It is one of the core events in the 2018 International FinTech Forum held in Chengdu (Nov 2-4). Eight teams from top universities were invited, including UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, NUS, HKU, Peking U, Tsinghua U, SUST, SWUFE, to participate in the competition.

The teams were given the same case, Personal IPO, and were given 80 hours to design and implement the prototype of a platform to help issuers to launch their personal IPO, and investors to bid for the shares. Despite the fact that our team arrived late (had to use several hours from the 80 hours to do system installation), the team performed very well and shared the 2nd Award (Pioneer Award) together with UC Berkeley (NUS won the 1st Award (Innovation Award).
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Team members include:
Chan Chun Fai, PhD candidate (Team Leader)
Ali Waqas, BEng(CompSc) - Year 3
Arora Saksham, BEng(CompSc) - Year 3
Tarun Sudhams, BEng(CompSc) - Year 4
Vashishtha Anushka, BEng(CompSc) - Year 4
Jha Piyush, BEng(CompSc) - Year 3

Congratulations to the team and Dr. S.M. Yiu who is the advisor of the team.