December 6, 2012

Prof. T.H. Tse Selected for a Faculty Best Teacher Award 2011/12

Prof. T.H. Tse has been selected for a Best Teacher Award 2011/12 by the Faculty of Engineering.

Professor Tse's course effectiveness scores were the highest among MSc courses in the Department during the first semester of 2011-12, the first and second semesters of 2008-09, the second semester of 2007-08, the 1st semester of 2006-7, and the 2nd semester of 2005-6. Please refer to for more feedback from his students.

According to Prof. Tse's educational philosophy, excellent teaching should be clear, structured, and well understood; should arouse student interest; should stimulate experiential learning; should emphasize real-life practice; and should be interactive, innovative, and adaptive.

Furthermore, he was one of the early birds in adopting the outcome-based learning approach, having designed a model sample syllabus at the undergraduate level for the Qualifications Framework of the Education and Manpower Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong SAR in 2002.