August 4 , 2008

Prof. T.H. Tse Receives Best Paper Award for COMPSAC 2008 with Dr W.K. Chan and 2 CS PhD Students

Mr Zhenyu Zhang, Mr Bo Jiang, Dr W.K. Chan and Prof. T.H. Tse received a best paper award from the 32nd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2008) for their paper entitled "Debugging through evaluation sequences: a controlled experimental study". COMPSAC is officially designated by IEEE Computer Society as its signature conference on software technology and applications. It was held in Turku, Finland on 28 July to 1 August this year.

Mr. Zhang and Mr. Jiang are PhD students under Prof. Tse's supervision. Dr. Chan is with City University of Hong Kong.

This is the second time that Prof. Tse and Dr Chan have been granted such an honour by COMPSAC. Their earlier paper, entitled "Testing context-sensitive middleware-based software applications" co-authored with Stephen S. Yau, Heng Lu and T.Y. Chen, was evaluated as the best paper in COMPSAC 2004.