Computing Facilities

Our department is equipped with state-of-the-art computing facilities. It has a high performance computing (HPC) grid computing system with over 270 servers, connected by 10GbE Ethernet switches, DDR InfiniBand switches and a 4X QDR InfiniBand switch. This system has a theoretical peak performance of over 20 Tflops. Our department also has an EMC AX150 SAN storage system, and over 20 central UNIX servers, including 5 Dell PowerEdge R710 servers, 10 Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers, 5 Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers, 2 Sun Fire X4100 M2 servers and 2 Sun Fire 280R servers. The UNIX servers are installed with Oracle's Solaris Operating System, Oracle Database server, Apache servers, Tomcat servers, Liferay Portal server, MySQL servers, Mozilla Firefox, Mathematica, GNU utilities, and various language compilers and interpreters.

The department has eight student computing laboratories for teaching, general computing and final year projects. These computing laboratories have more than 300 fast PCs, including 98 Intel Pentium IV / Pentium D PCs, 248 Intel Core 2 Duo PCs and 11 Apple iMacs. These PCs are installed with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux operating systems. They run a versatile set of software, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Acrobat, CSIM 19, MATLAB, Oxygen XML Editor, NetBeans IDE, NJStar Communicator Chinese System, IBM Rational Software Modeler, Sun JDK, Tomcat server and various language compilers. The department also has five Microsoft XBox 360 for game programming. All of these student computing laboratories are open 7 x 24. In addition, each full-time research postgraduate student or tutor is allocated an Intel Core i5-3570 PC in his/her office. All of the computers are connected to the departmental Gigabit Ethernet backbone, which is connected to the Internet via the University Campus Network.

Students can also use the computing facilities provided by Faculty of Engineering, Computer Centre and Main Library.

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