Minor in Computer Science (4-Year Curriculum)
Subject to the University’s approval

(This minor option is not available for BEng(CE) and BEng(CompSc) students)

The curriculum comprises 42 credits of courses with the following structure, in which students are required to complete 18 credits of Core Courses and 24 credits of Elective Courses.

Prerequisite: Level 3 or above in Mathematics in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination

Core Courses (18 credits)

Introductory Courses

Course Code Course No. of credits
COMP1117 Computer programming 6
COMP2119 Introduction to data structures and algorithms 6
COMP2123 Programming technologies and tools 6

Elective Courses (24 credits to be chosen from the following lists of Introductory Courses or Advanced Courses)

Introductory Courses

Course Code Course No. of credits
COMP2120 Computer organization 6
COMP2121 Discrete mathematics 6
COMP2396 Object-oriented programming and Java 6

Advanced Courses

Course Code Course No. of credits
COMP3230 Principles of operating systems 6
COMP3231 Computer architecture 6
COMP3234 Computer and communication networks 6
COMP3235 Compiling techniques 6
COMP3250 Design and analysis of algorithms 6
COMP3258 Functional programming 6
COMP3259 Principles of programming languages 6
COMP3270 Artificial intelligence 6
COMP3271 Computer graphics 6
COMP3278 Introduction to database management systems 6
COMP3297 Software engineering 6
COMP3311 Legal aspects of computing 6
COMP3314 Machine learning 6
COMP3316 Quantum information and computation 6
COMP3317 Computer vision 6
COMP3320 Electronic commerce technology 6
COMP3322 Internet and the World Wide Web 6
COMP3323 Advanced database systems 6
COMP3327 Computer and network security 6
COMP3329 Computer game design and programming 6
COMP3330 Interactive mobile application design and programming 6
COMP3351 Advanced algorithm analysis 6
COMP3352 Algorithmic Game Theory 6
COMP3402 System architecture and distributed computing 6
COMP3403 Implementation, testing and maintenance of software systems 6
COMP3404 Software quality and project management 6
COMP3407 Scientific computing 6
Total for Advanced Courses 24

Note1 BEng students who have completed ENGG1111 Computer programming and applications are deemed to have completed COMP1117 Computer programming, and they are required to complete one more elective in Computer Science as replacement (i.e. a total of 30 credits).

Note2 Course enrollment in elective courses is subject to the approval of the Department of Computer Science, in consideration of class quota and other academic issues.


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